Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Funda Of Fund Management Of Civil Society

Famous VINOD DUA [ In ONE OF his own NDTV show ][Months Ago] Raised A question Regarding The Fund Management Of Anna hazare,s Civil Society Movement . Show guest Swami Agnivesh  Was then Part Of The Movement.He  Honestly DECLARED That India Against Corruption Has No Repeat NO Bank Account For This Cause. SWAMI jI  Justified The Transaction Through Another NGO. My favorite Vinod Ji   Was Hosting The Show. TVinod Jiii Then Accepted This Clarification.What Viagra Or Shilajeet Or Giddar Singhi Has Been Invented By Swami Ji Now Which Has Forced Swami Ji To Demand The Justification On This Issue .Is It Muni KAPIL oR Kapil Jiii Orrrrrrrrrr??????????????????????????????