Saturday, 25 February 2012

We Are No More In The Endemic List .

After Decades  Struggle INDIA hAS achieved 0% Polio In The Country.Even World Health Organisation Has Removed India From Their Map Of Polio Endemic Countries.  So Congrates To Entire Team Of Dr Manmohan Singh. It Does Not Mean That We Have Achieved universal access to healthcare... towards hassle-free and cashless outpatient care In The Country We have to March Miles Ahead 
        To Achieve This 0%Target We Crossed Many Hurdles.I Remember That In 1980,s Due To Communal Riots And Shortage Of Proper [Cold]Storage Facility  In Meerut Polio Programs Of Social Organisations Like Rotary Even Were Infected. Essential Doses Were Discontinued  Several Times .But Our Society Kept Marching Ahead On This Path And Now It Has Proudly Been Announced By Dr Manmohan Singh And Ghulam Nabi AzAD That We Are No More In The Endemic List . 
       Now Rehabilitation programs Could Be Given Speed.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Amendment S iN The Tax Map Would Definitely Make Exchequer Fat+ Fatty ++ + Fattier.

Income Tax Department Has Decided To Impose Tax On Cricket control board[ BCC I]
Inaugural Recovery Would Be More Then 400 Crore Of Rupees.BCCI iS the Richest Board And Blessed With All Kinds Of Privileges  Available In The Country.Opening Of THIS New Zone In The Map Of Tax Recovery May  Raise  Income  Of The Treasury And May  Encourage These Managers To Reduce The Tax Graph .This Act May Provide Some Relief To The Pensioners Like Me.
       In Addition To This BCCI There Are Many Religious Centers Within The Geographical Boundaries Of The Country. Apart From This We Have A Large Number Of Political Beneficiaries  And So Called Agriculture & NGOs Who Are Not Only Immune To Tax Deductions  But Have Foreign  Bank Connections.Inclusion Of These Agencies In The Tax  Map  Would Definitely Make Exchequer  Fat+ Fatty ++ + Fattier.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

praising Rahul Gandhi and claiming second position in the govt.and PARTY.

AT present Indian national congress has three main salesmen musketeers.[1]Salman khursheed[2]shriprakash jaiswaal[3]Beni 'prasad.No doubt they all are drawing their own line.It is not necessary to mention that they are proving their own line bigger then other both.competitors .These salesmen are selling the name of Their boss Rahul Gandhi in U.P.Number one belongs to minority so claiming reservation for number and valuing tears of party chirperson priceless. two position in the party.Salesman At number two is using Rahul Gandhi as remote control whereas number three is in hurry to remove the hurdle his own prime minister.So they all are praising Rahul Gandhi and claiming second position in the govt.and PARTY.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

One Can Not Divorce Own Valentine

Laughing Elections Are Expecting Every One To Cast Their Vote REPEAT  Laughing Elections Are Expecting Every One To Cast Their Vote   And Garland VALENTINE With Different [Positive+Progressive]Vision  And Keep Laughing Through Out The  Coming Years.I Am Right Or Am I Right?Their Is No RIGHT TO reject no right to recall.So One Can Not Divorce Own Valentine So Cast Vote With Different Vision .

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Yuvraj Will Successfully Fight Against Demon Of Cancer

Kapil Dev The Great Cricketer Once [Free Of Cost]Advised His Junior Yuvraj Singh To Avoid Late Night Parties And Devote Time To Own Profession Cricket.That Time Mother Of  YUVRAJ SINGH Bounced And Directed Kapil To Mind His Own Business.It Is Now Too Late To Follow The  Great  Advise Of Legend Kapil.
    Till Date BCCI  Is  Also Not Following The  Advice  Of Experts And Disagreed To  Reduce The QUANTUM  Of Games And  Refused To Provide Rest To Players.
    Doctors Attending On Yuvraj Has Been Saying That Yuvraj Will Be Cured And Start Playing In May 2012
Because Yuvraj Is A True Winning Fighter So I Hope Yuvraj Will Successfully Fight Against Demon Of Cancer.Keep Fighting Champ

Saturday, 4 February 2012

. Milking Milking And Only Milking tHE cOW

Cantt Is Lovely Place To Live And Work But Unfortunately Governing Authorities Are Not Feeding It Properly. Milking Milking And Only Milking This Holy  cANTT Cow Regularly. They Are Not Affraid Of Even CEC . iNSPITE oF rEPEATED iNSTRUCTIONS oF cHIEF eLECTION cOMMISSION bOARD pROCCEDED fOR hOARDINGS cONTRACT wORTH 40 lAKHS. Yesterday Chief Election Commission Has Issued A Warning In The Case Of HoardingS  Contract.Cantt Executive Officer[Ofcourse He Is Also CEO]jUST Issued A Statement And Declared That This Contract Has Nothing To Do With The Elections And  Cleared His Air From The Ear.So All Is Well Again.I Am Right Or Am I right?