Saturday, 4 February 2012

. Milking Milking And Only Milking tHE cOW

Cantt Is Lovely Place To Live And Work But Unfortunately Governing Authorities Are Not Feeding It Properly. Milking Milking And Only Milking This Holy  cANTT Cow Regularly. They Are Not Affraid Of Even CEC . iNSPITE oF rEPEATED iNSTRUCTIONS oF cHIEF eLECTION cOMMISSION bOARD pROCCEDED fOR hOARDINGS cONTRACT wORTH 40 lAKHS. Yesterday Chief Election Commission Has Issued A Warning In The Case Of HoardingS  Contract.Cantt Executive Officer[Ofcourse He Is Also CEO]jUST Issued A Statement And Declared That This Contract Has Nothing To Do With The Elections And  Cleared His Air From The Ear.So All Is Well Again.I Am Right Or Am I right?

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