Sunday, 5 July 2015

CCI Yet To Complete Two Years Old Scanning Of Five Carriers Including"Indigo"Airlines

  • IndiGo, other cariers under CCI scanner

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12:54 HRS IST
[New Delhi]) CCI Yet To Complete Two Years Old  Scanning Of Five Carriers Including "Indigo" 
These Airlines Are Facing  cartelisation allegations, with respect to introduction of fuel surcharge for cargo transportation.
In addition Indigo +Jetairways Other Airlines Are are SpiceJet, GoAir and Air India.The complaint was filed by Express Industry Council of India, a grouping of express companies.

Competition Commission of India (CCI) is currently examining a detailed probe report on the allegations, which was made back in 2013, and is in the process of eliciting views from the concerned parties.t was alleged that the five carriers acted as a cartel in introducing fuel surcharge for transport of cargo and CCI had ordered an investigation by the Director General (DG) after finding prima-facie evidence of competition norm violations.

The DG, in its report submitted to the CCI in February this year, concluded that there is no sufficient evidence of cartelisation in the case. Now, the regulator is awaiting responses from the concerned parties.

Details of the case have been mentioned by IndiGo in the draft papers filed with capital market regulator Sebi for raising up to Rs 2,500 crore through an initial public offer.

Referring to the case before CCI, Indigo said, "The DG has submitted his investigation report dated February 4, 2015 with the CCI wherein it was concluded that there is no sufficient evidence to conclude the existence of a cartel" under certain sections of the Competition Act.

According to IndiGo, the complainant has filed objections to the findings of the investigation report and a hearing is scheduled to be held later this month.

"CCI vide its order dated February 19, 2015 directed the informant and opposite parties to appear on April 1, 2015. The informant has filed objections to the investigation report on April 23, 2015 and the matter is now fixed for July 23, 2015 for filing of objections/ rejoinder and arguments," IndiGo said in its Draft Red Herring Prospectus (DRHP).

Among others, the complainant had also alleged that the five carriers were not reducing the fuel surcharge on cargo transportation even when there was a decline in fuel prices.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Illegal Sand Mining ,apart from the environment & ecology , has serious political and administrative repercussions.

Ministry of Environment & Forests has started digging into the illegal sand Mining of Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh

Illegal Sand Mining ,apart from the environment & ecology , has serious political and administrative repercussions. A Committee to Enquire into the Alleged illegal sand Mining in Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh has been Constituted .The ,time framed,Findings of which may reduce the Adverse impacts on environment & ecology +Political+Administration .
During the last few days, various media reports have been highlighting the menace of alleged illegal sand mining in Gautam Budh Nagar,of Uttar Pradesh. This question has been raised on the floors of Parliament also.
S D M Durga Shakti Nagpal Tried TO Tame the sand mafia in Goutam Budh Nagar but samajvadi government ,in the state, has suspended this 28 years young officer .It Is Alleged that several false cases are being fabricated against the young officer.She is now charge sheet-ed.The State Ministers and samajvadi parliamentarians are showing their Rulers arrogance.
It is well known fact that Illegal mining has serious environmental and ecological repercussions. Pursuant to orders of the Hon’ble Supreme Court date 27.02.2012 in SLP ( C) Nos. 19628-19629 of 2009 titled Deepak Kumar etc. Vs State of Haryana & Ors., the handling of prior environment clearance cases of mining of minor minerals, including sand, of lease area upto 5 ha was delegated by this Ministry to the concerned State Environment Impact Assessment Authorities (SEIAAs) vide OM No.L­ 11011/47/2011-lA.ll(M) dated 18.05.2012.
The cases of mining of minor minerals, involving lease area between 5 ha to 50 ha were already being handled by the SEIAAs even before the issuance of this O.M. MoEF deals with the cases of environment clearance in respect of projects of mining of minor minerals with lease area equal to or above 50 ha. No sand mining from any mining lease area EQUAL TO OR ABOVE 50 HA. No sand mining from any mining lease area can take place without obtaining prior environment clearance.
With a view to enquiring into the allegations of illegal sand mining widely reported in the electronic as well as the print media, with visuals of heavy machinery being used in illegal sand mining in Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, in order to ascertain the factual position and with a view to suggesting further course of action in the matter, Ministry of Environment & Forests has constituted the following committee under the chairpersonship of Dr. Saroj, Director, MoEF:-
1. Dr. Saroj, Director, MoEF
2. Shri G.C. Meena, Deputy Collector of Mines, Incharge Dehradun office of IBM, Dehradun
3. Shri K. K. Garg, Director, Regional Office of MoEF, LucknowThe secretarial assistance to the Committee will be provided by the Regional Office of MoEF, Lucknow. The Committee will submit its report to the Ministry by 9.8.2013.
Arrogant State Govt Is Showing Eyes To the I A S LOBBY+ Leaders of Opposition+ Central Govt. Now Govt At Center has now turned the Ball in its own court . It Is Learned that the report of this committee would ,certainly, Demolish the Empire of Such Mafias in the state..for more please click this link
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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Recognition of labor is paramount importance of Indian Society

I take an daring opportunity to invite [1]Nitish kumar From Bihar [2]Akhilesh  yadav from uttar pradesh and Smt Sheila Dikshit from Delhi and request  ,this Trio ,to change their lenses and use magnifying glasses.
 This trio has been beating drums for the welfare of poor+laborers+downtrodden etc.But Unfortunately poor is becoming poorer day by day.Now Food for security Ordinance has been taken out from the magic box of central  govt.This magic will work ?This question has become hot potato in the media.
Like other many such magical knocks This instant episode is being prophesied as another eye washer only.
  Here I Would like to give  Plight  of paddy  rickshaw Pullars of above three states.
 It Is well-known fact that  a large numbers of rickshaw pullers are   migrating from  Bihar And Uttar Pradesh  specially to  Delhi and Mumbai etc.Even In U P and countries capital Delhi ,Such job seekers are ,visible Hither  and Thither .They Hardly Earn Bread [Without Butter]for their families .They are often paid Rs10/= to Rs 20/=[ 1/5  american dollar].In Bihar AND Easter U P this fare charges  reduces  even to half .
  In This case I may  be permitted to give an examples of small  state of NEW MAXICO of u.s of  America .In Santa F E  Paddy rickshaw is called Paddy Cab[Taxi] And Driver charges one  american dollar[Rs60/=]for one minute's ride. This paddy cab  has gears but puller is educated and knows  the value  of his labor.Govt and society also honors the LABOR. This area is also called INDIA

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Media Mousing Dr Manmohan Singh

British &American Media  Is Vomiting Their Share Of Spit To Build A Road  To The Investment In India .It May Be The Gallicism To Galley Under The Gaberdine Of Media  They Have Criticized Indian P M Dr. Manmohan Singh & Politics [1] Washinton Post Has Characterized Him A WEAK P M[2]Time Magazine Has Rated Him Underachiever[3]The Economist Sees Him Helpless[4]The Independent Called him Puppet[5] Moodiest  Prophecy Is Lame Duck .   In The Election Campaigns  The Ruling Party  & Opposition Both  In U S A  Are  En cashing The Policy Of Economic Reforms With India Is It A Duel Faced Diplomacy ???

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Striking Pilots Have Made A Record Now It Is Time For The Minister.

Air India Pilots Have Saluted High Court And Agreed To Call Off Their 58 Days Old+ Long Strike.
Strikers Have Successively Booked A  Record Of 2nd Longest Strike In The Field Of Civil Aviation 
No Doubt 400+ Pilots Will  Rejoin Their Duties And As Such This Dark Chapter Is Partially Repeat Partially Closed But The Minister Of Civil Aviation Ch Ajit Singh Has To Make His Shoulders More Stronger To Carry Many Challenges In Future.
   Striking Pilots Have Made A Record Now It Is Time  For The Minister.He Has To Take Quick 
Decisions  To Solve The Following Big  Ten  
[1]  Reinstate The Terminated 101 Pilots
[2]Recognize The Pilot Guild 
[3]Survive The Hard Competition In The  Market Of Civil Aviation 
[4] Convert The A I Into Profit Making Company
[5]Reinstate The Credibility Of The A I 
[6] Arrange Foreign Investment 
[7]Cut Down The Dispensable Expenses
[8]Remove The Communication Gape Between Administration And Workers
[9] Cure  The Unpleasant Bossism  
[10] Victimization Of Low Paid [ During Duty ] Ground Staff In The Name Of Parking Their Own Vehicles
      Companies Are Paying 800/= For Conveyance Whereas Parking Only Cost 800/=  

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Political Vacuousness Has Provided A Boon To The Separatists In Kashmir

[a]Deserted Indian Heaven
[b]Dal Lake Without Tourists 
Fire In Ziyaarat Sharif In Kashmir Has Been Extinguished Long Ago 
But Fire Of Hatred Imposed By Separatists 
Is Still Burning The Development Of The Area.
This Has Converted Indian[Shrinagar ] Into A Deserted Heaven Once Again.
On The Fourth Day  Of This Sad Happening  Shutters Of Markets Were Kept Closed.
It Would Be Appropriate To Mention The Poor Condition Of Skilled And Unskilled Labour Class.I My Self Witnessed A Large Number Of Workers Specially In Hotel Business
 Majority Of Them Are From Jhadkhand+Bihar+UttarPradesh.They Need Daily Work . They  Are Cursed To Dig out Well Daily For Their Survival.
 Few Local Ladies+Old Men With Children Are Busy In The Business Of Begging Also. 
[c]]Heaven In India Out Of Srinagar 
The Stalwarts Of The State[1]Farooq Abdullah[EX Chief Minister &Now Minister In centre]Along With Ally Congress Is Busy In The Nomination Of President In Delhi[2]His Son Umar Abdullah The  Young And Promising Chief Minister Is Touring Abroad[3]Main Opposition Mufti Family Is Out Of The Scene .
This Political Vacuousness Has Provided A Boon To The Separatists .And They Are Spurting Hatred Against Security Forces In The State. 
This Is The Peak Season Of Business In The State

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Nitish Kumar The CM oF Bihar Is Eyeing 3 Birds At A TIME

  These Days Main Opposition National Democratic Alliance [NDA] Is Facing Many Tsunamis 
Once A RULER  Could Not Decide Till Date A  Candidate For Presidential Election.
 Important Ally Of NDA Nitish Kumar Led JD[U] Is Trying To Provide a  Supporting Hand To UPA PRESIDENTIAL Candidate Pranav Mukherjee By Forcing NDA  Not To cONTEST  Against This Giant  and   provide  Viagra To Side Lined Delhi Based  Leaders Of BJP  By Labeling  Narendra Modi A Non Secular And  Declaring Unfit For  tHE Post Of PM
   After Shivanand Tiwari [mp] Now Nitish [The CM oF Bihar] Himself Has Opened Front Against Narendra Modi The PM In  Waiting .
   Previously This Title Was Placed On  [SENIOR LEADER oF bjp] L K Advani The Ex Deputy P M 
   No Doubt  This Tag Of PM In Waiting Has Been Removed [Unceremoniously] from Senior L K Advani 
  This Act Of RSS hAS Rised Many[ So Called] Secular Eye Brows.
      so Nitish Is  Eyeing  Three   Birds At A Time [1]PM sHIP[2]Favour Of UPA In His State [3]To Support Team Of Advani Being Old Allies