Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Media Mousing Dr Manmohan Singh

British &American Media  Is Vomiting Their Share Of Spit To Build A Road  To The Investment In India .It May Be The Gallicism To Galley Under The Gaberdine Of Media  They Have Criticized Indian P M Dr. Manmohan Singh & Politics [1] Washinton Post Has Characterized Him A WEAK P M[2]Time Magazine Has Rated Him Underachiever[3]The Economist Sees Him Helpless[4]The Independent Called him Puppet[5] Moodiest  Prophecy Is Lame Duck .   In The Election Campaigns  The Ruling Party  & Opposition Both  In U S A  Are  En cashing The Policy Of Economic Reforms With India Is It A Duel Faced Diplomacy ???

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Striking Pilots Have Made A Record Now It Is Time For The Minister.

Air India Pilots Have Saluted High Court And Agreed To Call Off Their 58 Days Old+ Long Strike.
Strikers Have Successively Booked A  Record Of 2nd Longest Strike In The Field Of Civil Aviation 
No Doubt 400+ Pilots Will  Rejoin Their Duties And As Such This Dark Chapter Is Partially Repeat Partially Closed But The Minister Of Civil Aviation Ch Ajit Singh Has To Make His Shoulders More Stronger To Carry Many Challenges In Future.
   Striking Pilots Have Made A Record Now It Is Time  For The Minister.He Has To Take Quick 
Decisions  To Solve The Following Big  Ten  
[1]  Reinstate The Terminated 101 Pilots
[2]Recognize The Pilot Guild 
[3]Survive The Hard Competition In The  Market Of Civil Aviation 
[4] Convert The A I Into Profit Making Company
[5]Reinstate The Credibility Of The A I 
[6] Arrange Foreign Investment 
[7]Cut Down The Dispensable Expenses
[8]Remove The Communication Gape Between Administration And Workers
[9] Cure  The Unpleasant Bossism  
[10] Victimization Of Low Paid [ During Duty ] Ground Staff In The Name Of Parking Their Own Vehicles
      Companies Are Paying 800/= For Conveyance Whereas Parking Only Cost 800/=  

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Political Vacuousness Has Provided A Boon To The Separatists In Kashmir

[a]Deserted Indian Heaven
[b]Dal Lake Without Tourists 
Fire In Ziyaarat Sharif In Kashmir Has Been Extinguished Long Ago 
But Fire Of Hatred Imposed By Separatists 
Is Still Burning The Development Of The Area.
This Has Converted Indian[Shrinagar ] Into A Deserted Heaven Once Again.
On The Fourth Day  Of This Sad Happening  Shutters Of Markets Were Kept Closed.
It Would Be Appropriate To Mention The Poor Condition Of Skilled And Unskilled Labour Class.I My Self Witnessed A Large Number Of Workers Specially In Hotel Business
 Majority Of Them Are From Jhadkhand+Bihar+UttarPradesh.They Need Daily Work . They  Are Cursed To Dig out Well Daily For Their Survival.
 Few Local Ladies+Old Men With Children Are Busy In The Business Of Begging Also. 
[c]]Heaven In India Out Of Srinagar 
The Stalwarts Of The State[1]Farooq Abdullah[EX Chief Minister &Now Minister In centre]Along With Ally Congress Is Busy In The Nomination Of President In Delhi[2]His Son Umar Abdullah The  Young And Promising Chief Minister Is Touring Abroad[3]Main Opposition Mufti Family Is Out Of The Scene .
This Political Vacuousness Has Provided A Boon To The Separatists .And They Are Spurting Hatred Against Security Forces In The State. 
This Is The Peak Season Of Business In The State

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Nitish Kumar The CM oF Bihar Is Eyeing 3 Birds At A TIME

  These Days Main Opposition National Democratic Alliance [NDA] Is Facing Many Tsunamis 
Once A RULER  Could Not Decide Till Date A  Candidate For Presidential Election.
 Important Ally Of NDA Nitish Kumar Led JD[U] Is Trying To Provide a  Supporting Hand To UPA PRESIDENTIAL Candidate Pranav Mukherjee By Forcing NDA  Not To cONTEST  Against This Giant  and   provide  Viagra To Side Lined Delhi Based  Leaders Of BJP  By Labeling  Narendra Modi A Non Secular And  Declaring Unfit For  tHE Post Of PM
   After Shivanand Tiwari [mp] Now Nitish [The CM oF Bihar] Himself Has Opened Front Against Narendra Modi The PM In  Waiting .
   Previously This Title Was Placed On  [SENIOR LEADER oF bjp] L K Advani The Ex Deputy P M 
   No Doubt  This Tag Of PM In Waiting Has Been Removed [Unceremoniously] from Senior L K Advani 
  This Act Of RSS hAS Rised Many[ So Called] Secular Eye Brows.
      so Nitish Is  Eyeing  Three   Birds At A Time [1]PM sHIP[2]Favour Of UPA In His State [3]To Support Team Of Advani Being Old Allies 

Friday, 15 June 2012

Pranav Will Be New PRESIDENTMay Be Not Unopposed

Chairperson Of Ruling UPA Smt Sonia Gandhi Has Announced The Name Of Shri Pranav Mukhrjee For The Office Of President Of India.  Pranav Will Be New PRESIDENT But May Be Not Unopposed 
  DMK  HAS Given Support By Bouquet And Traditional Shawl.Mulayam singh Yadav Has Shown Cruelty To Mamta Banerjee .  This Pehalwan  Has Used His Permanent Daav Langdi  And Shake Hands With Pranav. Apart from This His Traditional Rival Mayavati Also Raced Towards UPA.
  Sharad Powar Has Divorced His Own Party [Adivasi]Candidate[NCP] P A Sangma And Garlanded Out Going Finance Minister. 
   APJ Abdul Kalam Is Watching This Development And Showing No Hurry Towards His Earlier House.
   Pranav Has Called His Staunch Opponent Mamta His Younger Sister.
  So We CanExpect That In Few Days Mamta May Send Some Bengali Sweets To Her Dada.
     Now  Pranav Mukherji Will Be The Successor Of Smt Pratibha Patil
       Million Rupee Question Is  What Opposition+Left Is Going To Do ,To Support Sangma &  Taste Defeat  And Cary This Tag Upto  2014 Elections  Or Support UPA Candidate In The Name Of Consensus 

     I Am Sure, It Will Be Face saving I Am RIGHT oR  Just right???
       Another  Million Rupee Question Is ,Who Will Control Finance ??A Politician Or  A  Hippocrates  ??? And Who Will Come Forward To Deputy To The Old Angry  President.
   P A Sangmaa Has Not Left The Battle Field So He May Contest This Highest Post 

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Pilots Strike Is Over So Far As His[Govt]SideIsConcerned

Civil Aviation Minister Ch Ajit Singh On The 30th Day Of Pilot,sStrike  Maintained His Earlier Firm Stand &Did Not Showed Any Mercy For Strikers.In A Press Conference [Rajiv Bhawan] Chote Choudhary Said That Strikers Are Not Coming To Duty So Strike Is Over So Far As His[Govt]Side Is Concerned.
    He Also Tractor ed The Possibilities Of Any Compromise And    Promised New Crops  Of Pilots And Increasing Flights Very Soon.
   Minister Left One Window Of hope And Said That In The Process Of New Recruitment Strikers Can Apply As  a Fresher.
  In Reply To A QUESTION He Accepted The Unreasonably Charges Of Fare.He Said That There Is Differences  Of Charges But It Is Due To The Shortage Of Timing However He Promised To Look Into It.
    Surprisingly He Accepted One Thing   Beyond Control  Ie ATF Being Unnotified .To Meet With He Advocated For Imposition Of Service Charges 
   However  Old Stand Of Govt For  Infrastructural Development  Through PPP Was Also Maintained.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

World Environment Day

Hareya[green]Bhaaagebhraya[Lucky]हरेया ते  प्हागेभरेया 
Yes World Environment Day Is PassedAnd 
 We Are Not The Hosting Country So We Are
 Not Going To Get Any GrantBut It Is Our Life And 
Our Own Country And We Have Full Right To Enjoy God 
Gifted Greens.It Is Said That Hareya[green]Bhaaagebhraya[Lucky]
 So We Should Keep Observing This  Auspicious Day  Every Day I Am RIGHT
 Or Am I right???

Groupism In The Congress ??

In The Meeting Of Congress Working Committee[cwc] Congress Supremo Shrimati Sonia Gandhi Inspired Party men To Work With Unity And  Condemned The Group ism In The Party . Showing The Leadership   She Not Only Defended Her PM bUT Attacked Opposition For Baseless Allegations.
 Jumbo Finance Minister Pranav Mukherji Has Hidden Ambitions For The Post Of PM Since Long bUT Being Dragged Towards President ship. He Was Thrown A Question Regarding Collegium For Chief Election Commissioner. 
Replying This  Question He Justified The Demand Of Opposition Leader LKADVANI oF Collegium For Chief Election Commissioner[ CEC ]And Immediately Redirected The Question Of Its Acceptance Towards [PM ]Dr Manmohan Singh[Once His Subordinate] For Any Decision On It.   

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Say No To Tobacco From The Heart For The Heart

Today We Are Observing  NO  Tobacco day.Killing  effects Of Tobacco Are Discussed In Debates  &  Advertisements Are Published In Newspapers.
 It Is Well said That After Every 8 Seconds One Tobacco User Dies .So Such A Life taking Drug Should Be Banned  In The Society.
   Unfortunately Tobacco Has An  Religious Importance In Our Religion And Medicines.So It Is In Our System Even Our Society Movers Are Exception To It.
   I MAY Please Be Allowed To Submit Here That Various Ministries+Offices+Organisations Are Publishing Costly Advertisements And Spreading Awareness.Few Ministries Have Issued Strict Guidelines Also But Actual Picture Says That   Mile stones Are  Still UnTouched ..I Have Been Writing Articles On This Subject Since Decades But First Of All I My Self[Being A Chain Smoker] Said No To Cigarette
    Unfortunately Even In These Days  Sections Of Media Specially Regional Media
Has Not Come Out From The Clutches Of Pouch+Gutkaas Etc.Still I Can See Traffic Controllers Guiding The Youth By Smoking Or Chewing  Tobacco At The Chowrahas Even Celebrities Like Shahrukhkhan Preferred Smoking In The Open  Sports Stadium . Once Shahrukh Khan Was Noticed Smoking In The Interview Of A News Channel Also.
It Is India,s Last Tea Shops And  Tobacco Pouches Are  Decorated Proudly
Photo Was Taken In  MANA  In 9th Decade Of Last Century.
  It Has Also Been Said That Charity Begins At Homes So Personal Liaisons+Inspections+Motivations At Root Level Is Mandatory.No Doubt Awareness Through Advertisements Is Useful But Work On Actual Ground Is Always Result Oriented      

Monday, 28 May 2012

Bedlam Adjourned The Very Ist Day Of 16th Assembly Of UP

It Is Well Said That Negative Publicity Is The Best Publicity So  These Days   Politicians  Are Crazy For Its   Favoritism  This Time Ousted Bahujan Samajvadi   En cashed Its Combative And Aggressive Show.
 Through This  Political Bedlam BSP  Successively Stalled  The Inaugural Speech Of Governer .
This Show Was Presented In The Inaugural Day Of 16th Vidhan sabhaa Of Uttar Pradesh. The Speech Included Praiseful Sentences For Present CM  And Criticizing Endorsements Against Ex CM .
This Speech Was Opposed By All Opposition.
Accordingly Ist Day Of Uttar Pradesh  Assembly  Was Dedicated To The Tradition Of  Political Bedlam  
Therewere Members Of Congress+BJP+RLD  Etc They Also  Protested This  First Speech But It Was Just A Formality So Show Was Hijacked By  Bedlam.
 Few Days Ago BSP Supremo Ex C M  Now Saansad  Mayavati Opened Fighting Front Against Ruling SP  
       In A Press Conference Mayavati  Criticized The Law  &Order Situation + Victimization Of Dalits+ Transfer   In The State  She Threw a Snare On  Her Opponents Which Woke Up Her Snoring MLAs .
In This Very First House They Have Shown Their Strength And Future Plannings. 
  So  Members Roared +Placards  Were Waved+ Paper Balls Were Thrown +Paper Missiles Were Aimed  Towards The Governor  +Chairs  Were Used  For Legs  Instead Of Bumps+Empty Well Was Filled By MLAs 
Youngest Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav Who  Earlier Declared That Periodicity Of The House Will Be Enhanced Was Helpless And Kept Only  Smiling .
Governor BL Joshi Just Completed The Formality Of Inaugural Speech. + This Resulted  Adjournment Of The House. 

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Now Arvind Kezriwal v/s Kiran Bedi Via Indian Express

New Diversification Has Been Drawn.This Time Indian Express Has Targeted Arvind Kezriwal[Anaa Hazare Team]Through Kiran Bedi.It  Is  A Shocking One But Immediately Arvind And Kiran Both Has Defused This  Device By Saying That Such Allegation Are Not Existing  Not Even In The Air.
In Addition Kezriwal Has Opened  The New Front Against Indian Express 
By Declaring That He Will Take This Derogatory And Misleading News To The Court Of Law. Even though Kiran Bedi In Front Of Camera Has Certified The Innocence Of Kezriwal But On The Other Hands She Also Stated That Team Members Wright Many Letters To Each Others  But Interpretation Should Be Justified.This Has Been Carried By  a News Channel Also
Apart From This Can We Expect That This Line Would Successively Under Line The Burning Line Of Petrol Line 

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Time Has Come To Say Goodbye To This Highly Flammable Petro Dollar

Petroleum Companies Have Been Consented To Raise The Petrol Prices Upto 10%  Per Ltr.
This Sharp Fuel Hike Has Exploded The Demand Of Rollback. Ruling Alliances , No Doubt ,Are Silent But  Allies Who Enjoyed Dinner Of Celebration Of Third Anniversary Of UPA Are Now Showing Tears.
This Fuel Hike Has Been Imposed Just After The  Adjournment Of Parliament.
Celebration Of Third Anniversary Of Rule Has Also Been Enjoyed Without Any Hallaa Gullaa Untoward Political   Explosion.  Govt. Says  Due To The Turmoil In International Market Govt. has Nothing To Do In This Case .As Per This  Version No Other Choice Is Left 2 Petroleum Companies But Timing Of This Hike Puts  A Big Question Mark On This  Innocence .The Cost Of One Ltr Includes 41%Taxes Which Goes To The Treasuries Of Centre And States.Ironically None Of Them Is Advancing Towards Reduction In Their Income.So Price rise Is A Profitable Game For Governments.Goa And Uttrakhand Have Shown Exceptions But Are Very Small States.  
Opposition Parties Will  Do All Hullah Gullah And Game Of Blaming Each Other Will Start On Roads And Media.
 Petroleum Companies Are Saying That Still They Are Cursed With Deficits So They Are Not In A Mood To Rollback
   Time Has Come To Say Goodbye To This Highly  Flammable  Petro Dollar So Do Not Please Do Not Allow Ruling Class To Gamble With The Patience And Observe Austerity
 Austerity In This Field Will  Not Only Bring Down The Flying American Dollar But Will Put Indian Rupee Back Into The International Race.
It May Also  Strengthen The Willpower To Come Out  From The Clutches Of Oil Diplomats.
It May Certainly  Impose Pressure On Politicians And Petro Companies also For Austerity In Their Own Houses Also
.I Remember That After World War Western Countries Faced Sugar Crises So In  Few Countries Sugar Was Said Goodbye
 Now Those Countries Are Developed Countries.
Instead Of Looking At  National Charmers  For Any Miracle
Say Good Bye To Flammables Be Sure This Is The Right Time For Right Choice
Or One Can Say NOW OR NEVER 

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Retired Cricketer Kapil Dev Is Being Ignored This Is Sad

BCCI  Is Habitual Of Working Without The Spirit Of Sportsman Ship .This Time [Again] The Contributions Of Legend  Kapil Dev Nikhanj Has Been Corned By This Uncontrolled Tainted Cricket  Company.
 Indian Board Of Cricket Is Already Tagged With  Various  Black Spots But Still Not Showing Any Mood Of  Amending Its  Dictatorial  Bossism.
  BCCI iS One And Only Cricket Board In The Country.  This Board Has  Announced  To Hon our Ex cricketers With Cheques  Repeat Cheques . Kapil Dev Has Not Been Included In The List Of Beneficiaries Kapil Dev Brought First WorldCricket Cup To India He Has Played More Then 100 Test Matches .Kapil Also 'Put His All Best For The Cricket.
  On News Channels kapil Is Still Bowling  Useful Advises  And Guidance To The Players  
 To Provide Healthy Competition And Bring Out New Talent  He Provided All Help To  Indian Cricket League Also
.Even Rooms Of His Hotel In Chandigarh Are Named Four+Sixer Etc .Decades Ago This Player  Injected  Fighting Spirit Into The[Then] Indian Cricket Team And Brought Many Laureates And Successively Laundered The Allegations Of Looser Indians  .
   Now Decades After This Retired Cricketer Is Being Ignored This Is Sad  Very Sad .I Think  Procedure For Selecting ex Cricketers Should Be Made Public And Sports Ministry Specially Ajay[Young] Makan Should Interfere And Set  The THINGS Right

Friday, 18 May 2012

Oh God I Owe 33000/=Debt

 Oh My God I  Owe 33000/=Debt
I Am Retired Now So Who Will Save Me Please
    Indian Govt. Has Announced  23% National Debt.In March 2012.So Opposition And Media  Has Started  Growling  
To Meet With Grouched Govt Has Announced 10%Austerity. To Start With Gluttons Of Air Travelers Are Underlined.
 In The Past Gustation  Of Saving And Matching  Has Been Favorite.
It Is Seen In The Past That Such Debts Are Cured By Various Austerities.One Of The Most Favorable  Has Been Deduction In Staff Strength.But This Practice Has Created  Demons Of Unemployment+Corruption
So Please Please Please It Should Not Include Deduction Of Staff But By Deduction In Actual Contingencies

Grievances Can Be Grounded If Pakistan Is No Pakistan

In Pakistan Atrocities On Minorities Are Increasing Daily.Human Rights Of 'Pakistan has disclosed that 25-30 Girls Of Hindu+sikh+Christians Every Month Are Forcibly Converted In To The National Religion .Hindus +Shias+Ahmedis+Sikhs+Seheduled Caste Are Still Paying The Cost For Being What They Want To Be.
Indian Parliament Showed Concern AND Foreign Minister S M Krishna Said In The House That Even though We Have Binding Of 1972 Shimla Agreement And Can Not Interfere In The Internal Matter But This Is A Case Of Violations Of Human Rights&Constitutional Obligations.   He Will Visit Pakistan In The Coming Month And Certainly Will Discuss The Issue With His Counterpart Their.Avinash  khanna +Balbir Punj +Tarun Vijay And Prominent Writer+Poet Javed Akhtar Along With Many Members Exp'ressed Their  Resentments  Emotions And Charged Pakistan For Neglecting Constitutional Obligations And Touched The Blood Pressure Of F M. Javed Akhtar Expressed That Now We Do Not Need Strong Neighbor  Grievances Can Be Grounded If Pakistan Is No Pakistan

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

[1]Civil Aviation Minister Trying To Persuade Pilots  To End Their 8 dAYS Long Strike  In The Parliament  
[2]Civil Aviation Minister Trying To Persuade Pilots  To End Their 8 dAYS Long Strike Through Parliament 
Indian Pilots Are Still  Unalterable On The 9th Day Of Their Strike. Indian AIR services Are Earning Bad NameIn The International Market.This Company Is Booking Recurring Loss In Millions Of Rupees.To Solve The Problem Parliamentarians Tried To Bring    Civil Aviation Minister Ch .Ajit Singh  In Chakra  vyooh .On Tuesday  Many Members Represented The Problems Of Passengers Who Are Waiting For THEIR Flights.Members Also Persuaded Minister To Call Pilot Unions Unconditionally.
 Minister[From Meerut Soil] Kept Showing The Negative Aspect Of The Strike.
 Few Days Ago  Another MINISTER Ghulam Nabi Azaad Has Already Expressed The Negative  Mindset  On The Unions And Their  Strikes 
   So Both Parties Govt And Pilots Are Still Sick To Approach The Table Of Talk .
[3]Civil Aviation Minister Trying To Persuade Pilots  To End Their 8 dAYS Long Strike 
All Photos Are TV pHOTOS.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

India And UK Has Many CommonProblemsBut They Deal With Them Differently.

India And United Kingdom Has Many  Common  Political Problems + Social Habits But They Both Deal With Them Differently. One Of Such Burning Problem Is Unauthorized Construction  + Encroachment By Immigrates.
This Is No Doubt  Creating Social Threats Like [1] Slum Like Conditions Even In The Surroundings Of Many Posh Localities.[2]Crime Etc.
    Britain Is Still Enjoying The Membership Of Developed Greats So Housing  Minister Has Allocated 1.8 Million/=To Crackdown This Problem Called Beds In Sheds.
  Indian Landlords Settled There Are Underlined As The Land  Law Brokers.To Deal with a Task Force Including Border Agency  Has Been Formed .This Problem Is Being Dealt With  National Hazards Of Illegal  Immigrants+ Tax Theft + Lawlessness+Population+Unemployment etc.
   If We Look Our Own India Than We Find That From Assam To Delhi Via Meerut Large Number Of Illegal Colonies Are Scattered. Refugees+Illegal Immigrants[Bangladesh+Burma+Pakistan+NepalEtc]+Criminals Are Provided Shelters .These Are Creating Problems Of Water+Drainage+Health+Food+ Transport Etc.Apart From This These Are Threats To The Law Of The Land.
   Local Councillor + Legislative + Law Enforcing Agencies Are Well Aware Of This Hazard But Instead Of  Enforcing The Law Of The Land They Are Trying To Take Their Booty & Look Away .In Fact These Are The Children Of Lesser God And Local Representatives Provide Them Small Help In Turn They Convert Them In To A STRONG VOTE BANK.
 Our Parliament Is In 'Progress And Celebrated  Its 60 Golden Years But This Problem Is Not Highlighted Or Funds Are Allotted For Any Operational Cure
   If I Say That Britain Is Trying To Operate The Curse By Well  Treatment  Plan And In India We Are Trying To En cash For Our Own Benefits We Are Keeping The Problem Alive 

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Parliamentarians Are Inalterable About Giving 10=05=1857 National Importance

I   SALUTE To The Martyrs Of First War Of Independence In India 
To Day India Specially Meerut  District Is Paying Tributes To The Martyrdom Of First War Of Independence In 1857.
    As Per Historians This War Was  Torched From Temple Of Baba Oghad Nath In  Meerut Cantonment  & Was Translated As Mutiny .
   This Revolution Threatened [Then ]Colonial Mentality As A RESULT oF Which  Even Holy Churches Were Converted Into Garrisons churches. 
    The Ashes Of   First  [Lost ] War   Kept The Burner On Sim Flame Till 1947 . Heat Of Which Resulted Full Freedom In 1947. It Is Well Known That Baba Oghadnaath[Shivshanker]Temple Has Many Important +Interesting Chapters In The Indian [ Ancient To Modern]History But This Revolution Gave  New Heights To The Historical Temple.
This Temple Has Become Now A Holy Shrine So Martyrs Memorial Is Erected In The Temple Complex.
     It Is Also True That  This Movement Gave New Meanings To The Then Factionalism .It United All Indian Factions And This Small Even Defeated Unity  Was Fragmented Into A  Successful Tasty  Freedom Fight.
After 90 Years  Natives Unfurled National Tricolor Flag.
    Now After 67 years Of Freedom Meerut City Celebrates This Day With Full Enthusiasm.District Magistrate Announce  State Holiday  In The City.Non Governmental groups Organize Rally+Kavi sammelans+  seminaars. etc 
   Unfortunately This Historic Movement Is Not Allotted A  Proper Respected Place In The National Map Of Honors. These Days Parliament Session Is In Progress.One house Of National Parliament  Has Lodged A Complaint Of Mosquitoes And Apart From This Parliament  Is Suspended For 15 Minutes   For Bad Smell ..
It Shows That Our Parliamentarians Are Active But Why They Are so In alterable About Giving  National Importance To 10=05=1857  

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Laughing Is The Best FREE I Repeat FREE Medicine.Therefore Laugh Laugh And Laugh Loudly

Laughing Day Is Being Celebrated Today So Laughter Is Prescribed Best Medicine All Round.
  In My News Paper It Has Been Published That Open Heart Laughing  Is Free Of Cost And Provides Relaxation To Mind And Heart.
  Science Researchers Has Endorsed That Laughing Medicine Circulates Blood Properly+Avoids Fat On Pancreas+Bless Long Life And Above All Reduces Fat.  during My Morning Walk I Witness Two Groups Of Laughter. They Laugh Loudly And Attract Walkers At A Particular Time.
    But I Think That Laughing Should Not Be Occasionally Timed Framed .That,s Why We Should Not Laugh Mechanically But Manually.Means One Should  Always Have Pleasant Mood.Ready To Live Every Movement Of Life.
  So Laughing Is The Best FREE I Repeat FREE Medicine.Therefore Laugh Laugh And Laugh Loudly  

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Brand Ambassador Is a Price For National Award?

34 years old Balan is blessed  with many  filmi qualities but one of them is vidhya[knowledge]of garbing national film awards and projects.So she has won best actress award in the 59th National  film awards.In addition to this she has been selected brand ambassador  also for sanitation programme ..of central govt. She has proved that story of two in bush is past now so she has two in hands.[One] Ministry of I&B[Two]Rural development
     The Dirty picture of this awarded entertainer may have not been aired on national   electronics channels  but she has successively entertained[AMBICA SONI] &JAIRAM RAMESH] Ministers OF ABOVE Ministries.
     Her senior  entertainer Sachin Tendulkar& Rekha  are still waiting to take oath in Rajya Sabhaa [Elders house in Parliament]. Interestingly Sachin And Rekha Both Are Facing  huge Opposition  from all corners of society but Vidhya Balan is being appreciated all round.There is much huge and cry over inclusion of Sachin in Congress Party But Vidhya Balan has been injected through backdoor that is Brand Ambassador For A International Cause.
  Now The question arises that Contract Of Brand Ambassador For two years Is  a Price For National Award For A Actress Of A Film Which has  been denied permission for national telecast.I Am Right Or AM I right???

This Dilatoriness Has Derogated The Human Rights And Pact Of Partition

 Religious Victimization Against Hindus In Pakistan Has Not Been Discontinued Not Even After 6 Decades Of Independence So Migration  Of Victims To India Is Still Continued.
Is It Not Violation Of Human Rights And  India,s Partition Clause
   Hindu Girls Specially Sindhi Girls Are Abducted And Forcibly Converted. This Has Recently Kicked Nearabout 400 Victimized families . 
My Elders Were Also Forced To Migrate In 1947 So I Can Understand Their Sorrow&Pain Better Then Any Politician But Leader Of Opposition In Parliament Has Raised This Issue 
As Usual [ Unfortunately] Indian Govt. Is Still In The Same  Dilatory Dilemma So Relations Are Getting Colder Day By Day 
   This Dilatoriness Has  Derogated  The Human Rights And Pact Of Partition 
  Yes It Is Also True ,That With What Soever Aim , BJP Has Raised This Issue And Tried To Politicized The Issue.
It May Not Be Able To Open The Eyes Of National Leadership But Can Successively Bring Back The Political Support Of Migrated  Lakhs Of Hindus  

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Associations Have Been Weakened So Organised Corruption Is On High. And Beyond Control 1st May .

First May[ Bole To ] Is Workers Day. It Is To Honor Workers So Our Parliament Is Closed Today.It Is Good To See The Sentiments Of Our Parliamentarians.In Addition To This Various Govt. Departments Have Got Published Costly Advertisements In  The Media .It Is Pleasant  To See That Our Parliament and Govt. Both  Have Full Respect For Laborers .But If Following Facts Are Noticed Then A Different Picture Comes Out So
I Am Bound  To Repeat The Old Saying That  Politics Has Many Faces
[1]Every Month The Strength Of Permanent Employees  Is Reducing Even In The Important Deppts Also
[2]Expenditure On Salaries For Permanents[Class 2 to 4] Staff Is reducing 
[3]During The Discussion In Parliament [ On Apptt Of Health Assistant Asha ]Union Health Minister  Shri Ghulam Nabi Azaad Opposes The Recruitment  Of permanent Govt. Employees And Prefers The Workers On Daily Wages.
[4]Another Parliamentarian Sh.Jagdambika Pal[One Timed Sultan Of Uttar Pradesh]Has Advocated Employment Of Dependents Of 20 Victims of a  Road Accident Of His Political  Constituency .
  Yes It Sounds Good  To Hear That Wards Must Be Provided Jobs But If Record Of Central Govt  Shows That Recruitment Of Wards Have Been Restricted To 5% Of The Total Vacancies.As Such A Large Number Of  Needy Wards Are Debarred From This Privilege ..
  If Central Govt Has Restricted Recruitment Of Ward Then Demand From State For The Same Cause Is Not Digestible.
   Staff Strength Is Reduced But Ironically Number Of Offices And  Infrastructural Expenditure  Is On Increase
 It Shows That Saving From Salaries Is Matching The Infrastructural Expenditure  
  Shri  Ghulam Nabi Azaad Has Shown Anger Against Organised Labor By  Rejecting The Demand For Permanency Of Health Assistant ASHA.He Might Be Having His Own Reservations But It Is Also True That In This Way Associations Have Been Weakened So Organised Corruption  Is On High. And Beyond Control If I May Say So.

Congress Is Not Only A Champion Of The Game Of Diversion But BJ P Is Also A Strong Competitor

In The Game Of Cards It Is Always Advisable That Game  Should  Be Played With  Patience 
And Never Hurry To Show Own  Cards Not Even Being On Winning Side But National Opposition Party BJP Be fooled It Self And Started The Recitation The Name Of APJ Abdul Kalam For President Of India .
Poor Lotus 
Not Only Party Members But Allies Also Have Started Discoloring The LOTUS.No Doubt By This Foolish Statement  BJP Has Successively Diverted The Heat Of Bangaaroo Lakshaman Episode.So Congress Is Not Only A Champion Of The Game Of Diversion But BJ P Is Also A Strong Competitor I Am Right Or Am I right??

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Letter To Ghulam Nabi Azaad On CGHS

On 27-04-2012  ,In The Parliament ,Debate On Health Was Organised  First Time After The Death Of Sh. Rajiv Gandhi[Now Late] .
So Ghulam Nabi Azaad[minister] Ji Please Accept Thanks And Congrate
I May Please Be Allowed To Submit ThatCentral Govt Employees And Pensioners ARE  Intact With CGHS fOR Health Assistance.During The Service An Employee Is Suppose To Pay [Through Pay Bill]Monthly Subscription Whereas After Retirement  A pENSIONER Is Supposed To Deposit C G HS Subscription For Ten Years In Advance .Hence A pENSIONER iS Bound To Pay 10 years Subscription In Advance And To Forgo The Interest On It Also.It Will Be Appropriate To Mention  That A Pensioner[Senior Citizen]Is Bound To Pay Double 
After Retirement This Double Charge Can Not Be Justified  I Personally Feel That This Will Not Be Appreciated Even  By Your Ministry It Self , So Matter May Please Be Examined At Ministry Level And Relief May Please Be Provided 

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Madame Tussauds Live Museum In The Houses.

 Every  electronics Channel ,Today,is debating   The Latest Act Of Congress Of Injecting  Sachin Tendulkar In Rajya sabha If It Is True Then Amitabh Bacchan Will Be The Right Choice To Succeed Smt Pratibha Patil.  One Of My Face Book Friend Has Called It Madame Tussauds Live Museum In The Houses. 

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Two Political Miracles In A Day???

8 MP,s  [From Telangana] Of Ruling Party Today Occupied Well Of The House 
And Refused tO Retreat Even After The Instructions From The Party Supremo.
Main Opposition Party Demanded Their Suspension  And Ruling 'Party Immediately Obliged. 
8 M'P,s Are Suspended  For Four Days Ie 24-04-2012 .It Happened On The Very First Day Of The Budget Session.
Is It Not A Miracle In Indian 'Politics ???
  This Is Not Only Miracle Which Took Place Today 
Four [So Called] Senior Savior Ministers V.Ravi+G.N.Azad+Ramesh+Salman Khursheed Has Written A Letter To The President Of The Party Calling It Sick And Nothing Has Happened .Is It Not The Second Miracle If Yes Then Two Political Miracles In A Day???

Friday, 20 April 2012

Saffron And White Khadi Jointly Attacked Blackt Governance

Saffron Yodhaa Baba Ramdev And White Khadi   Clad Anna Hazare Both  Addressed Press Conference  On 20-04-2012And Jointly Attacked Black[Corruption+  PRICERISE+Unauthorized Deposits In foreign Banks+Janlokpal+] Colours Of Present Governance .
 In This PC They Announced That Both Will Start HAMMERING  The Misdoings Of Present Govt.  
   Anna Hazare Will Tour From Shirdi The Another Baba Sai  In Maharashtra  And Baba Will Start This Awareness Tour  From Chattisgarh Wef.01  May 2012 .They Both Will  Address  InSomePlacesJointly Also
Govt. As Usual Could NOT Avoid This Joint Opposition  And Launched Own Party Warriors.
This Duo Was  Targeted [By Congress And Its Supporter Electronics Channels ] That They Are Not Equipped With Any Future Road map. Their Political Links Have Been Exposed.Lack Of Ideology Etc 
They May Be Minus But  Even Then These Two Minus Have Equalized Big PLUS ONE[-+-=+1] They Will Keep This Pot Of Agitations Till 2014  
I Think Mahatma Gandhi Ousted Then Rulers Without Any Known Road Map .I Am Right Or Am I right???

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Right To Education;Miles To Go

In Our Country[ Specially] Various  Steps Were Taken To Unite Natives And Many Experiments Were  Done  And Natives  Were Brought  Under Many Umbrellas of cast+religion+ Community Etc.But Unfortunately These Days These All Efforts Are Being Divided   In to  Class Barriers. Nobel Is Enjoying All Facilities Whereas Others Are Just To Pay .Such Deprived Class [Irrespective Of Religion+Cast+Community] Is Barred FROM Even  So Called Good Education .
    Govt Schools Are[Day Bi Day] Becoming Unwanted Among All Classes.There Are Many Reasons Which Requires Immediate Attention .
It Is Said That Better  Late Then Never.Now Human And Resources &Development Minister Kabil SIBAL Has Shown His Keenness By  Advocating Right To Education [RTE] Minister Has Rightly Predicted  This RTE A Model For The World.
   Yes RTE Can Be A Role Model For The World Provided REPEAT Provided It Is Implemented In Its True Spirit And Within Time Framework
  .I May 'Please  Be Allowed To Submit That  Hunooz Delhi Doorast . Sacking Of  Double  Digit Teaching  Staff In Bihar Has Again Underlined  The Improvement In The Field Of Education .  Apart From The 'Periodical Trainig Of Teaching Staff  Many  Fields Need Research Few Are As Under
[1]Schools Must Be Restricted  And  Home Work  Should Not Be Imposed.Because P'arents Of  Poor Students [25%May Not  Be  Capable To Provide Required Facilities[2]. Monetary Punishment For Any Reason Must Be Banned[3]Transport Facility MUST bE Censored [4]  Regular Monitoring At All Levels Should Be Made Mandatory .

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Scotch Whiskey Johnnie Walker Is Closed


[2]My Humble Condolences 

Today I Read  a News About Closures of World Famous And My Favorite  Company Of Scotch Whiskey Johnnie Walker.
No Doubt It Is A Shocking One.So I Submit My Humble Condolences.In My Life There Are Two Main Johnnies .One Is From Film Industry[Now Late][Badruddin] Used To Make Me Laugh With His Comedies  Whereas This Walker Made Me To Smile Even In The Bad Days.Noe Both Are Gone.
   Alexander & ;Elizabeth When Gave Birth To John Walker, In 1805 ,Would Have Never Thought That Just After The Death Of  Alexander   This John Will  Produce His Own Whiskey Just In The Age Of 14[Thank God That Time Child Labour Law  Was Not Introduced]]  And Through Which He Will Magnetize And  Rule The World .
Name Of The Product Is JOHNNIE WALKER With Many Colours .Like Red+Green+Black+Blue And Gold...
     After  Registration In  1877  It Started Winning International Awards.Few Of Them Are [1]1879[2]1934 International Connection And In 1966 Queens Award.
     This Product Has A Cartoon Of Striding Man[Since 1908] On Bottles And Packing. This Cartoon Of Tom Browne Is Still Popular As Well As The Product.
  So Good Bye All Walkers And Browne.
  I Would Like To Take This Opportunity To  Inform Indian Counterpart Vijay Malya To Be More Cautious To Keep His Product Alive


Saturday, 14 April 2012


Right To Education Is  a dream project of Human Resources And Development minister Advocate Kapil Sibal. Even though It has not yet been  implemented even after two years of its birth but now Supreme Court has also stamped This Bill OK So Kapil Sibal Must be happiest politician in the govt. Now it is presumed that atleast 25%students from economically weaker sections will be provided ,so called, better education in private education Shops. It is general Opinion that govt is totally failed to provide better education in its govt schools Even  after Getting Foreign Aid and 2%Surcharge From  Native Taxpayers  Sur'prisingly private schools are  Allowed To mint money .So such Mints Are made to Teach 25%weak students Also.Such Instts Approached Supreme Court Against This Decision But  SUPREME Court  Turned Them Down and provided A SOLID REASON TO KAPIL SIBAL TO SMILE BROADLY.
     Still there are many if and buts in its  implementation .like Schools+teaching staff+opposition from private schools+Lakhs Crores Of Rupees Fund.
  So There are many questions are unanswered  Out of which only ten are as under
 [1] what fate Is decided for govt.schools[a]Non aided 'private schools
[2] Disposal Of teaching staff and  Existing buildings
[3]reimbursement to private schools+International Ones
[4] Reimbursement Of Recurring Or Actual expenditure
[5]This is a national call and need Also but still unheard by many Provinces.How They Will Be Included In The Map [a]Specially J&K
[6]How students will be  given admission [a]Many Children Are Bread earners How Their family will be looked After[b] Will There Be Any religion  or  Cast reservation
[7]Who  Will publicize the scheme Schools Or Govt.[A] And Approach The Needy Ones
[8]will there be any fee hike for so called elite students
.[9] Levy of any Extra surcharge on the  taxpayers
Education For All

Which Is My Schools ????
[10] Education Shops are again submitting Review Petition.Will It Take Another Two Years 

Maya And Akhilesh Are Trying Not To Let Political Ground Go

Ex -And First Dalit-Chief Minister Of Uttar Pradesh Km Mayavati Has Warned Her Successor Akhilesh Yadav To Stay Away From Statues Of Dalits. Youngest Chief Minister Akhiesh Kumar Has Replied That This Is Not 'Programmed By The Party.
In Addition He Has Given Air To The Controversial 'Politics Of The State By Saying That Peace Of Spare Land Around The Statues Can Be Used For Hospitals +Schools.
I Want To Understand Two Things
[;1]'What Made Ousted CM To Raise This Issue On The Birth Day Of Baba BR Amedkar
[2]Money Has Not Yet Been Arranged For La'pto'ps+And Other election manifesto then Why This New Controversy.
I Think They Both Are Trying Not To Let Political Ground Go

Friday, 13 April 2012

Extemporaneous Crime Extinguishers Are Mandatory At The Levels

As Already Predicted Crime Is On High In Meerut. Recently Cold Blooded Murder Has Been Committed.Although Variety Of Crimes Are Being Committed But This Has Its Own Eye Opening Significance. Three Bike Riders Killed An Innocent Person In Open Crowded Market Just Near To Victim,s Office . As Usual Police Is Struggling even After Numbers Of Days.Yesterday One Has Acclaimed It Settlement Of Old Score.
It May Have Any Hidden Motive But It Smells  Some Motive To[1] Establish Or Recapture The Market Of Extortion . For This Creation Of Terror In The Society May Be  Helpful [2]Reopening Of Previously Camouflaged Cable [network]War.[3] Old Revenge[4]Settlement Of Old Score.
  It Is WelKnown Fact That In The Previous Govt.Galaxy[Cable Operator]Has Achieved New Heights.So It ,Perhaps, Would Have Provided Some Edge Over Rivals.Now Political Table Is Turned Against Them.This Has Resulted Murder Of One Of Their Very Humble+Gentle Employee Pavitr Sharma In The Crowded Market.
   It Would Be Appropriated To  'Predict That This Incident May O'pen Old Dark Chapter Of Cable Rivalry.
   In This Connection It Would Not Be Inappropriate To Say That This Beginning Has Been Opposed By Civilians but Cooperation From Other Corners Is Still Awaited.  
Whatsoever Reason May Be But It Is True  That This Heinous Crime Has Given Wide Ex poser To The CRIME Market. So  Before These  Embryos Create Embarrassment ,   Extemporaneous Extinguishers Are Mandatory At The Levels Of Politics+ Business + Society + Governance

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Repeating History Of Cricketer Yuvraj Should Be Avoided.

Cancer Patient Cricketer Yuvraj Is Back ,It Is Good And Happiest Movement Not Only For His Family But For  Lovers +Prompters+Managers Of Cricket And Cancer Patients In India Also.Media Has [as per practice]Rightly Projected Him A FIGHTER. No Doubt He Is A Fighter In Cricket As Well As In  this Killing Disease-too. 
This Happiness Is Wrapped With One Sorrow+Lack OF Faith In Cricket Which Should Be Termed Black Chapter In The History Of Cricket.
Yuvraj Has Said Himself That While Playing world cup He Suffered Breathing +Cough Problems. He Was Vomiting Blood Also.
Theses All Signs Went Unnoticed Even   In THE Presence Of Top Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar+ Physiotherapist+Physicians++++
I Congratulate Yuvraj For His Fighting Spirit But I would  lIKE to take  an opportunity  And Request Selectors+Managers+Government For More Vigilance In Future So That Repeatation Of This History Of Yuvraj May Be Avoided.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Zardari Landed +He Dinned++ He did Shoping And Aired Back To Pakistan.

Asif Ali Zardari is president of Pakistan+Husband of Ex Prime Minister[Now Late] Benazir Bhutto++Son inlaw Of Z A Bhutto Executed  P.M. .Mr.Zardari  Landed +He Dinned++ He did shoping For Blessings at Azmer Sharif Worth 100000 Dollars And Aired Back To Pakistan.Matter Ends.
  Does Matter Ends Here No Not At All.
   Progress In Respect Of Freedom Of  Indian Sarbjeet In Pakistan And  Prosecution Of Most Wanted Hafiz Saiid [Mumbai Attack]May Have  Not Been Leaked But Later Developments Shows That Pakistan Has Successively Achieved  2---0 Victory.    
 [1] Ageing pakistani virologist Dr Mohd. Khaleel Chisty  who Was Jailed In Ajmer  For 20 Years Old Murder Charge [Surprisingly] Has Been Granted Bail   By  A Bench of  Indian Supreme Court  
   Once Ousted Diplomat  Rehman Malik[Now Interior Minister Has Been Obliged By Indian Home Minister.  
.[2] I Think Third Bhutto  Young BILAWAL has been introduced In International Politics Successfully . He Has Mesmerized World Media By Criticizing The  On Going Race For Arsenals Among Both Fighter Countries.        
This New Generation Will Sure Be Benefited Too At least In His Own Trembling Country.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Is It Not National Shame ????

  Is It Not National Shame ????
      A New Housing Society is taking birth in the womb of dented Maharashtra management.This Time This Is For Weaker Section Of The Society.
 Maharashtra Housing And Area Development Authorivty Is planning to grab 20 Acre land of subhash ghai,s film Instt.
MHADA announced  That 20 acre of  land   will be taken back from Subhash Ghai And  5000 houses, ,Will be erected for weaker section .
I Am not able to understand one thing that Subhash Ghai says that his Instt.Has been allotted 5 Acre of  land only.
    Remaining 15 Acre Of land is already with The Maharashtra Govt.
If it is so then why this peace of land [15Acre]Is Not developed so far Even For This said Cause.
           I Think That Erection of Another housing society ,Even For Weaker Section,in Maharashtra needs following few clarifications;
[1]History of Adarsh society Will not be repeated in this case also?
[2]Weaker section will be restricted to Maharashtrians only??
[3] Or Allotting authorities Will Consider the weaker Indians???

      It Is Well known Now  Fact   That  Successful Film Maker Subhash Ghai has been saying that  He Has Been Cheated By Maharashtra Govt.
     As per Mr ghai,s Version He is being forced to Shed 100 Crores Of Rupees For A No Fault Of His Own.He Has Put Entire Negligence On The Part Of The Babu Culture Of The State Govt. 
Apart From The Penalty Of 100Crores An Internationally famed Latest film Instt. Will Be Put Down To Earth In The Film City Itself.This Institute Is Erected With The Money Of Public Through Shares So It Will Be A Direct Loss To The Poor Share holders Bole to Loss To The Aam Aadmi

Saturday, 7 April 2012

World health organisation since 1948 is dedicated for the improvment of  worldwide health by  giving new call on every  foundation day  Ie7th april .This year is dedicated to Ageing And Health. This is a commendable  inspiring call .
  In india 7.5% of total population is 60+. Nuclear families and ignorance of health care specially in ageing peoples has put Old Age Homes on  increase.In India old people need affection +care+ nutrition +medicines
  Unfortunately Our Oldies are missing all these basic needs so old age homes culture is developing day by day.
 Health care is almost controlled by  Govts so can not be termed perfect.Even in central govt schemes separate provision for old senior citizens do not exist . Village vise Condition is more critical.
  Retired govt servants are  getting health assistance from CGHS Etc But Are bound to pay more [InLumpsum]then They were paying while in service.
This Call Will Certainly Help the institutions and services will be improvised . So Thanks &Congrates WHO

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Why Grants To Army Should Not be reviewed

It should be appreciated all round that our present army,s Top Brass has opened a front against corruption in his own institution.He Grenadines Daily for this cause.
  It Is  Indian Fact That   Open Discussion Of Corruption Is Banned In The Army  Even In The Govt.This Has Never Been Put On 'Priority.After Bofors And Tehalkaa Issues Use Of Middle man, In The Procurement For Army , Is Being Opposed.These  Foot Prints Are Being Traced In The Procurement Of Chezk Tatra Trucks.
   Here I seek permission to bring this to the kind notice of General And Govt as well.
On the demands of army Govt. sanctions various grants like ATG+ACG+IT++++These GrantsAre To Be Spent As per day to day requirement but it is seen that A large part of these grants is spent in the last month of the financial year And Through [mostly petty] Suppliers .
To Support this I would like to quote that In One Office Of Central Govt.TEN TIMES MORE BILLS ARE PASSED IN THE MONTH OF MARCH ONLY.Can i Say That entire Training completes in just one month.
IT IS JUST TO AVOID LAPSE OF FUNDS ONLY.So Should it not raise eyebrows Of Policy Makers+Fighters Against Corruption  Al round.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Grants For Defense Are Exhausted In The Month Of March

General V.K.Singh  Grenades again .This  time a Bribe Grenade And Target Is offensive defense  ministry.General has accused retired generals  for[ Lobbing   TATRA VEHICLES] For offering Bribe Of 14000000 /=
This disclosure took place in a [media ]interview .
General did not mention name of this nation,s enemy.General did not initiated any legal  OR Military action.
It Seems That General is busy in settling his own previous scores. general is trying to return the debt in the  Same received coins .
General also claims that he has taken six [opponents]wickets so far.
 No Doubt This Time Too General Is Right But It Also True That Indian Defense Is Also  Infected  By Corruption .There Is Internal Audit There Is Test [External] Audit But Even Then Corruption Is Still Developing Day By Day .
   Grants Are Exhausted In The Month Of March 

   If There Is Any Doubt Then Large Lines  Of Contractors Can Be Seen In The Last  Month Of Every Financial Year