Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Two Political Miracles In A Day???

8 MP,s  [From Telangana] Of Ruling Party Today Occupied Well Of The House 
And Refused tO Retreat Even After The Instructions From The Party Supremo.
Main Opposition Party Demanded Their Suspension  And Ruling 'Party Immediately Obliged. 
8 M'P,s Are Suspended  For Four Days Ie 24-04-2012 .It Happened On The Very First Day Of The Budget Session.
Is It Not A Miracle In Indian 'Politics ???
  This Is Not Only Miracle Which Took Place Today 
Four [So Called] Senior Savior Ministers V.Ravi+G.N.Azad+Ramesh+Salman Khursheed Has Written A Letter To The President Of The Party Calling It Sick And Nothing Has Happened .Is It Not The Second Miracle If Yes Then Two Political Miracles In A Day???

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