Sunday, 8 April 2012

Is It Not National Shame ????

  Is It Not National Shame ????
      A New Housing Society is taking birth in the womb of dented Maharashtra management.This Time This Is For Weaker Section Of The Society.
 Maharashtra Housing And Area Development Authorivty Is planning to grab 20 Acre land of subhash ghai,s film Instt.
MHADA announced  That 20 acre of  land   will be taken back from Subhash Ghai And  5000 houses, ,Will be erected for weaker section .
I Am not able to understand one thing that Subhash Ghai says that his Instt.Has been allotted 5 Acre of  land only.
    Remaining 15 Acre Of land is already with The Maharashtra Govt.
If it is so then why this peace of land [15Acre]Is Not developed so far Even For This said Cause.
           I Think That Erection of Another housing society ,Even For Weaker Section,in Maharashtra needs following few clarifications;
[1]History of Adarsh society Will not be repeated in this case also?
[2]Weaker section will be restricted to Maharashtrians only??
[3] Or Allotting authorities Will Consider the weaker Indians???

      It Is Well known Now  Fact   That  Successful Film Maker Subhash Ghai has been saying that  He Has Been Cheated By Maharashtra Govt.
     As per Mr ghai,s Version He is being forced to Shed 100 Crores Of Rupees For A No Fault Of His Own.He Has Put Entire Negligence On The Part Of The Babu Culture Of The State Govt. 
Apart From The Penalty Of 100Crores An Internationally famed Latest film Instt. Will Be Put Down To Earth In The Film City Itself.This Institute Is Erected With The Money Of Public Through Shares So It Will Be A Direct Loss To The Poor Share holders Bole to Loss To The Aam Aadmi

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