Saturday, 14 April 2012


Right To Education Is  a dream project of Human Resources And Development minister Advocate Kapil Sibal. Even though It has not yet been  implemented even after two years of its birth but now Supreme Court has also stamped This Bill OK So Kapil Sibal Must be happiest politician in the govt. Now it is presumed that atleast 25%students from economically weaker sections will be provided ,so called, better education in private education Shops. It is general Opinion that govt is totally failed to provide better education in its govt schools Even  after Getting Foreign Aid and 2%Surcharge From  Native Taxpayers  Sur'prisingly private schools are  Allowed To mint money .So such Mints Are made to Teach 25%weak students Also.Such Instts Approached Supreme Court Against This Decision But  SUPREME Court  Turned Them Down and provided A SOLID REASON TO KAPIL SIBAL TO SMILE BROADLY.
     Still there are many if and buts in its  implementation .like Schools+teaching staff+opposition from private schools+Lakhs Crores Of Rupees Fund.
  So There are many questions are unanswered  Out of which only ten are as under
 [1] what fate Is decided for govt.schools[a]Non aided 'private schools
[2] Disposal Of teaching staff and  Existing buildings
[3]reimbursement to private schools+International Ones
[4] Reimbursement Of Recurring Or Actual expenditure
[5]This is a national call and need Also but still unheard by many Provinces.How They Will Be Included In The Map [a]Specially J&K
[6]How students will be  given admission [a]Many Children Are Bread earners How Their family will be looked After[b] Will There Be Any religion  or  Cast reservation
[7]Who  Will publicize the scheme Schools Or Govt.[A] And Approach The Needy Ones
[8]will there be any fee hike for so called elite students
.[9] Levy of any Extra surcharge on the  taxpayers
Education For All

Which Is My Schools ????
[10] Education Shops are again submitting Review Petition.Will It Take Another Two Years 

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