Sunday, 1 April 2012

Why Grants To Army Should Not be reviewed

It should be appreciated all round that our present army,s Top Brass has opened a front against corruption in his own institution.He Grenadines Daily for this cause.
  It Is  Indian Fact That   Open Discussion Of Corruption Is Banned In The Army  Even In The Govt.This Has Never Been Put On 'Priority.After Bofors And Tehalkaa Issues Use Of Middle man, In The Procurement For Army , Is Being Opposed.These  Foot Prints Are Being Traced In The Procurement Of Chezk Tatra Trucks.
   Here I seek permission to bring this to the kind notice of General And Govt as well.
On the demands of army Govt. sanctions various grants like ATG+ACG+IT++++These GrantsAre To Be Spent As per day to day requirement but it is seen that A large part of these grants is spent in the last month of the financial year And Through [mostly petty] Suppliers .
To Support this I would like to quote that In One Office Of Central Govt.TEN TIMES MORE BILLS ARE PASSED IN THE MONTH OF MARCH ONLY.Can i Say That entire Training completes in just one month.
IT IS JUST TO AVOID LAPSE OF FUNDS ONLY.So Should it not raise eyebrows Of Policy Makers+Fighters Against Corruption  Al round.

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