Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Repeating History Of Cricketer Yuvraj Should Be Avoided.

Cancer Patient Cricketer Yuvraj Is Back ,It Is Good And Happiest Movement Not Only For His Family But For  Lovers +Prompters+Managers Of Cricket And Cancer Patients In India Also.Media Has [as per practice]Rightly Projected Him A FIGHTER. No Doubt He Is A Fighter In Cricket As Well As In  this Killing Disease-too. 
This Happiness Is Wrapped With One Sorrow+Lack OF Faith In Cricket Which Should Be Termed Black Chapter In The History Of Cricket.
Yuvraj Has Said Himself That While Playing world cup He Suffered Breathing +Cough Problems. He Was Vomiting Blood Also.
Theses All Signs Went Unnoticed Even   In THE Presence Of Top Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar+ Physiotherapist+Physicians++++
I Congratulate Yuvraj For His Fighting Spirit But I would  lIKE to take  an opportunity  And Request Selectors+Managers+Government For More Vigilance In Future So That Repeatation Of This History Of Yuvraj May Be Avoided.

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