Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Grants For Defense Are Exhausted In The Month Of March

General V.K.Singh  Grenades again .This  time a Bribe Grenade And Target Is offensive defense  ministry.General has accused retired generals  for[ Lobbing   TATRA VEHICLES] For offering Bribe Of 14000000 /=
This disclosure took place in a [media ]interview .
General did not mention name of this nation,s enemy.General did not initiated any legal  OR Military action.
It Seems That General is busy in settling his own previous scores. general is trying to return the debt in the  Same received coins .
General also claims that he has taken six [opponents]wickets so far.
 No Doubt This Time Too General Is Right But It Also True That Indian Defense Is Also  Infected  By Corruption .There Is Internal Audit There Is Test [External] Audit But Even Then Corruption Is Still Developing Day By Day .
   Grants Are Exhausted In The Month Of March 

   If There Is Any Doubt Then Large Lines  Of Contractors Can Be Seen In The Last  Month Of Every Financial Year  

Friday, 16 March 2012

If FreeHand Is Blessed Then Targets ,Sooner Or Later ,Can Definitely Be Achieved

Sachin Tendulkar[The Cricketer] today completed [Top Up]his basket of centuries  By Hitting  Centuary against Bangladesh.So heartiest Congrates. Unfortunately Indian Team Is Defeated .Can It Be Said That Sachin  MayBe, No Doubt, Mr Century  But Can Not Be  Titled Match Winner.Any How It Has Been Proved ,Today ,That If FreeHand Is Blessed Then Targets ,Sooner Or Later ,Can Definitely  Be Achieved 

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Unconditional =Unwanted+free 2nd advice To the youngest Chief minister of UP

This Is My 2nd Unconditional +Unwanted So Ofcourse Free Of Cost advice
Election manifesto had a major Promise for Unemployment Wages.To Get The Benefit Lines Of Unemployed Youths Are Increasing Daily.So The News Of Mismanagement In Employment Exchange Are Also Coming Out.
In This Connection my suggestion 
  [1]Monitoring Of Such All Exchanges May Be Arranged At D.M Level
[2]If Possible And According To The Party Line Registration  Of Unemployed May Be Done ON LINE Just Like Adjoining   State

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Unconditional[ free]first advice To the youngest Chief minister

 Akhilesh Singh Yadav [38] Is The Youngest Chief mnister Of Uttar pradesh 
He Is Technocrat And Trying To Become A Dynamic Chief minister Before Parliament elections.So My Humble  ' Unconditional[ free]first advice To the youngest[Designate] Chief minister 
Education Is A Paramount Process That Focus On The Development Of The Society +Sources+ SUSHAASAN .At 'Present Education [Specially This Belt]Is Chained [Captured]By 'Private Education Mafia.They Are Just Distributing degrees+Diplomas And Minting Money.You Will accept that this kind of Management is not creating employment but otherwise.
Ist Suggestion 
education committees including DM+MLA+ Councillor+educationist +Head Boy Or Girl may be formed At District level.This Must Be The Base Of Every  Education Policy .To Begin With  Posting Of Teachers+faculties May Be balanced.Suggestions may be called for three language policy.  

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Women Representation would definitely raise their problems throughout the sessions

Today Is international  WOMEN  day .Talk of the day is EMPOWER  this half population. Honorable President Smt Pratibha Patil Has Decorated 6 women with stri shakti puruskaar.So national,regional and local news papers and seasonal NGOs Are Advocating  the cause in their own manners.So I also request for my submission which goes like this
    Uttar Pradesh,s 16th Assembly has been enriched with 35 women MLA.WHEREAS only 23 were in 15th assembly in 2007.In the house of 403 only 35 chairs for half population can not be termed as appreciable but in comparison with previous statistics this figure's  of  8.68% is 47% more and can be  called as encouraging one.
   No doubt this representation would definitely raise their problems throughout the sessions but this assembly  will miss the experienced members .
  The shape of this 16th assembly has aired a new thought also which I think  should be debated  all around.
   Powerful  Elephant[BSP] rider[Km] Mayavati enjoyed  the supremacy In The House For complete five years but failed to repeat the history of her previobus victory.Firebrand Umabhaarti [BJP]could not scent her Lotus.World fame shrimati  Sonia Gandhi,s hand[Congress]is also burned.
   In the super tech era cycle rider[SP]may not be carrying any lady leader but has transported 20[out of 32]women in the house and this figour is the highest among  all big.
   Now millionaire Rupees question is why  Lady Leadership failed to send proper[%] representation in the assembly.I Think That  ideology, Of all big, is not followed specially in the case of women empowerment ie Bill of 33% representation of women in the Parliament  is still  crying for oxygen of  willpower.
   So I Think Thought Of The Day Is What Ever You WanT To, Whenever You Want To DO  Just DO just DO AND  ONLY Do AND RECOGNIZE THE  IMPORTANT CONTRIBUTION OF HALF POPULATION

Thursday, 1 March 2012

A Serious Attack On Other Roots Of The Road Accidents Is Mandatory.

Cabinet Ministers Of Central Govt Has stamped Amendment In Motor Vehicle Act.
       With A Motive To Discourage The  Act  Breakers penalties Have Been Increased Five Times.
 It Is Presumed Now That With This Amendment  Following  Crimes  Will Be Reduced
[1]while Driving Talking On Mobile ======= Penalty Would Be From 500/=ToUpto 5000/=
[2] Driving Without Helmet/Belt ==================                    500/to 1500/=
[3]Red Light Jump================================           500/to 1500/=
[4]Speed ===========================================1000/=To5000/=
[5]Intoxication=========================================Upto 10000/=And Jail
       This Amendment Will Be Imposed  Ist Time In Large Part Of The Country.So It Can Easily Be Assumed That Exchequer Will Become  Fat+Fatty+ Fattier.Yes Depptt. Will Definitely Gain But Crime Rate Could Be Checked It  Has A  Big +Broad Question Mark .World Roads Statistics Shows That India Is  The Leading In Road Accidents.Our Report Shows That Above Are The Main Causes Of This Increase.
         To Put An Check On Such Alarming Statistics Infrastructure Is Need Of The Hour. 
        Previous Experiences Show That This Kind Of Increase Definitely Enrich The  Concernd Depptts But Fails To  Reduce The Quantum Of Crimes.[Delhi May Be An Exception ]
         I Feel That Apart From This Penalty Culture  A Serious Attack On Other Roots Of The Road  Accidents Is Mandatory.
[a]Over  Load
[b]Over Speed
[c]Over Take
[d]Over Dose
[e]Over Bridge
[f]over Age Vehicles
[g]Over Age Of Drivers
[h]Over Duty And Over Reaction Of Traffic Controllers
    These Problems Can  Be Checked By Increase In The Infrastructural  And Training Management.
    At Present Over speed Vehicles Are Beyond The Catch Of Old Out Dated Departmental Vehicles Etc

      Above Eight Overs Must Be Given Attention At The [1]School [2]Colony+ Gali Mohalla Level.
And Apart From tHE aLL Above  Budget Is Need Of The Hour For CCTV And  Traffic Lights