Thursday, 1 March 2012

A Serious Attack On Other Roots Of The Road Accidents Is Mandatory.

Cabinet Ministers Of Central Govt Has stamped Amendment In Motor Vehicle Act.
       With A Motive To Discourage The  Act  Breakers penalties Have Been Increased Five Times.
 It Is Presumed Now That With This Amendment  Following  Crimes  Will Be Reduced
[1]while Driving Talking On Mobile ======= Penalty Would Be From 500/=ToUpto 5000/=
[2] Driving Without Helmet/Belt ==================                    500/to 1500/=
[3]Red Light Jump================================           500/to 1500/=
[4]Speed ===========================================1000/=To5000/=
[5]Intoxication=========================================Upto 10000/=And Jail
       This Amendment Will Be Imposed  Ist Time In Large Part Of The Country.So It Can Easily Be Assumed That Exchequer Will Become  Fat+Fatty+ Fattier.Yes Depptt. Will Definitely Gain But Crime Rate Could Be Checked It  Has A  Big +Broad Question Mark .World Roads Statistics Shows That India Is  The Leading In Road Accidents.Our Report Shows That Above Are The Main Causes Of This Increase.
         To Put An Check On Such Alarming Statistics Infrastructure Is Need Of The Hour. 
        Previous Experiences Show That This Kind Of Increase Definitely Enrich The  Concernd Depptts But Fails To  Reduce The Quantum Of Crimes.[Delhi May Be An Exception ]
         I Feel That Apart From This Penalty Culture  A Serious Attack On Other Roots Of The Road  Accidents Is Mandatory.
[a]Over  Load
[b]Over Speed
[c]Over Take
[d]Over Dose
[e]Over Bridge
[f]over Age Vehicles
[g]Over Age Of Drivers
[h]Over Duty And Over Reaction Of Traffic Controllers
    These Problems Can  Be Checked By Increase In The Infrastructural  And Training Management.
    At Present Over speed Vehicles Are Beyond The Catch Of Old Out Dated Departmental Vehicles Etc

      Above Eight Overs Must Be Given Attention At The [1]School [2]Colony+ Gali Mohalla Level.
And Apart From tHE aLL Above  Budget Is Need Of The Hour For CCTV And  Traffic Lights


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