Thursday, 28 June 2012

Political Vacuousness Has Provided A Boon To The Separatists In Kashmir

[a]Deserted Indian Heaven
[b]Dal Lake Without Tourists 
Fire In Ziyaarat Sharif In Kashmir Has Been Extinguished Long Ago 
But Fire Of Hatred Imposed By Separatists 
Is Still Burning The Development Of The Area.
This Has Converted Indian[Shrinagar ] Into A Deserted Heaven Once Again.
On The Fourth Day  Of This Sad Happening  Shutters Of Markets Were Kept Closed.
It Would Be Appropriate To Mention The Poor Condition Of Skilled And Unskilled Labour Class.I My Self Witnessed A Large Number Of Workers Specially In Hotel Business
 Majority Of Them Are From Jhadkhand+Bihar+UttarPradesh.They Need Daily Work . They  Are Cursed To Dig out Well Daily For Their Survival.
 Few Local Ladies+Old Men With Children Are Busy In The Business Of Begging Also. 
[c]]Heaven In India Out Of Srinagar 
The Stalwarts Of The State[1]Farooq Abdullah[EX Chief Minister &Now Minister In centre]Along With Ally Congress Is Busy In The Nomination Of President In Delhi[2]His Son Umar Abdullah The  Young And Promising Chief Minister Is Touring Abroad[3]Main Opposition Mufti Family Is Out Of The Scene .
This Political Vacuousness Has Provided A Boon To The Separatists .And They Are Spurting Hatred Against Security Forces In The State. 
This Is The Peak Season Of Business In The State

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Nitish Kumar The CM oF Bihar Is Eyeing 3 Birds At A TIME

  These Days Main Opposition National Democratic Alliance [NDA] Is Facing Many Tsunamis 
Once A RULER  Could Not Decide Till Date A  Candidate For Presidential Election.
 Important Ally Of NDA Nitish Kumar Led JD[U] Is Trying To Provide a  Supporting Hand To UPA PRESIDENTIAL Candidate Pranav Mukherjee By Forcing NDA  Not To cONTEST  Against This Giant  and   provide  Viagra To Side Lined Delhi Based  Leaders Of BJP  By Labeling  Narendra Modi A Non Secular And  Declaring Unfit For  tHE Post Of PM
   After Shivanand Tiwari [mp] Now Nitish [The CM oF Bihar] Himself Has Opened Front Against Narendra Modi The PM In  Waiting .
   Previously This Title Was Placed On  [SENIOR LEADER oF bjp] L K Advani The Ex Deputy P M 
   No Doubt  This Tag Of PM In Waiting Has Been Removed [Unceremoniously] from Senior L K Advani 
  This Act Of RSS hAS Rised Many[ So Called] Secular Eye Brows.
      so Nitish Is  Eyeing  Three   Birds At A Time [1]PM sHIP[2]Favour Of UPA In His State [3]To Support Team Of Advani Being Old Allies 

Friday, 15 June 2012

Pranav Will Be New PRESIDENTMay Be Not Unopposed

Chairperson Of Ruling UPA Smt Sonia Gandhi Has Announced The Name Of Shri Pranav Mukhrjee For The Office Of President Of India.  Pranav Will Be New PRESIDENT But May Be Not Unopposed 
  DMK  HAS Given Support By Bouquet And Traditional Shawl.Mulayam singh Yadav Has Shown Cruelty To Mamta Banerjee .  This Pehalwan  Has Used His Permanent Daav Langdi  And Shake Hands With Pranav. Apart from This His Traditional Rival Mayavati Also Raced Towards UPA.
  Sharad Powar Has Divorced His Own Party [Adivasi]Candidate[NCP] P A Sangma And Garlanded Out Going Finance Minister. 
   APJ Abdul Kalam Is Watching This Development And Showing No Hurry Towards His Earlier House.
   Pranav Has Called His Staunch Opponent Mamta His Younger Sister.
  So We CanExpect That In Few Days Mamta May Send Some Bengali Sweets To Her Dada.
     Now  Pranav Mukherji Will Be The Successor Of Smt Pratibha Patil
       Million Rupee Question Is  What Opposition+Left Is Going To Do ,To Support Sangma &  Taste Defeat  And Cary This Tag Upto  2014 Elections  Or Support UPA Candidate In The Name Of Consensus 

     I Am Sure, It Will Be Face saving I Am RIGHT oR  Just right???
       Another  Million Rupee Question Is ,Who Will Control Finance ??A Politician Or  A  Hippocrates  ??? And Who Will Come Forward To Deputy To The Old Angry  President.
   P A Sangmaa Has Not Left The Battle Field So He May Contest This Highest Post 

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Pilots Strike Is Over So Far As His[Govt]SideIsConcerned

Civil Aviation Minister Ch Ajit Singh On The 30th Day Of Pilot,sStrike  Maintained His Earlier Firm Stand &Did Not Showed Any Mercy For Strikers.In A Press Conference [Rajiv Bhawan] Chote Choudhary Said That Strikers Are Not Coming To Duty So Strike Is Over So Far As His[Govt]Side Is Concerned.
    He Also Tractor ed The Possibilities Of Any Compromise And    Promised New Crops  Of Pilots And Increasing Flights Very Soon.
   Minister Left One Window Of hope And Said That In The Process Of New Recruitment Strikers Can Apply As  a Fresher.
  In Reply To A QUESTION He Accepted The Unreasonably Charges Of Fare.He Said That There Is Differences  Of Charges But It Is Due To The Shortage Of Timing However He Promised To Look Into It.
    Surprisingly He Accepted One Thing   Beyond Control  Ie ATF Being Unnotified .To Meet With He Advocated For Imposition Of Service Charges 
   However  Old Stand Of Govt For  Infrastructural Development  Through PPP Was Also Maintained.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

World Environment Day

Hareya[green]Bhaaagebhraya[Lucky]हरेया ते  प्हागेभरेया 
Yes World Environment Day Is PassedAnd 
 We Are Not The Hosting Country So We Are
 Not Going To Get Any GrantBut It Is Our Life And 
Our Own Country And We Have Full Right To Enjoy God 
Gifted Greens.It Is Said That Hareya[green]Bhaaagebhraya[Lucky]
 So We Should Keep Observing This  Auspicious Day  Every Day I Am RIGHT
 Or Am I right???

Groupism In The Congress ??

In The Meeting Of Congress Working Committee[cwc] Congress Supremo Shrimati Sonia Gandhi Inspired Party men To Work With Unity And  Condemned The Group ism In The Party . Showing The Leadership   She Not Only Defended Her PM bUT Attacked Opposition For Baseless Allegations.
 Jumbo Finance Minister Pranav Mukherji Has Hidden Ambitions For The Post Of PM Since Long bUT Being Dragged Towards President ship. He Was Thrown A Question Regarding Collegium For Chief Election Commissioner. 
Replying This  Question He Justified The Demand Of Opposition Leader LKADVANI oF Collegium For Chief Election Commissioner[ CEC ]And Immediately Redirected The Question Of Its Acceptance Towards [PM ]Dr Manmohan Singh[Once His Subordinate] For Any Decision On It.