Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Pilots Strike Is Over So Far As His[Govt]SideIsConcerned

Civil Aviation Minister Ch Ajit Singh On The 30th Day Of Pilot,sStrike  Maintained His Earlier Firm Stand &Did Not Showed Any Mercy For Strikers.In A Press Conference [Rajiv Bhawan] Chote Choudhary Said That Strikers Are Not Coming To Duty So Strike Is Over So Far As His[Govt]Side Is Concerned.
    He Also Tractor ed The Possibilities Of Any Compromise And    Promised New Crops  Of Pilots And Increasing Flights Very Soon.
   Minister Left One Window Of hope And Said That In The Process Of New Recruitment Strikers Can Apply As  a Fresher.
  In Reply To A QUESTION He Accepted The Unreasonably Charges Of Fare.He Said That There Is Differences  Of Charges But It Is Due To The Shortage Of Timing However He Promised To Look Into It.
    Surprisingly He Accepted One Thing   Beyond Control  Ie ATF Being Unnotified .To Meet With He Advocated For Imposition Of Service Charges 
   However  Old Stand Of Govt For  Infrastructural Development  Through PPP Was Also Maintained.

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