Friday, 2 December 2011

Show Commitment For The Empowerment Of Politically Disabled Politicians.

Full Pages Advertisements In News Papers Has Informed That Today Is INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES . This is observed  On The Directions Of [Financier] United Nations.So My Heartily  Best Wishes To All Persons With Disabilities And Salute To The Community Devoted For The Empowerment Of Such Disabled Persons. I Think That This Day Is Observed For The  Benefits Of Physical+Mental Handicapped Persons. Ministers Of Social Justice And Empowerment Along With P.M.+PRESIDENT+CHAIRPERSON OF RULING ALLIANCE +=Have Shown Their Faces In Print Media .
45  National Awards Have Also Been Announced To The Eleven Fields Of Employees+Employers+Research+Development+ Creators Of free Barriers Environment+ Rehabilitation+ Financiers + Developers+Workers For The Cause+Role Models+Accessible Website+Creative Adults And Children .  This Mammoth Rally Of Award Receivers Do Not Include The Names From Biggest States Like Uttar Pradesh AND Bihar Etc.This Shows That Either Ministers Of Social Justice And Empowerment Could Not Implement The Policy In These States Or Their Is No  Disability At All.This Negligence Shows That Our Politicians Are Politically Handicapped.  Politically Handicapped  Native Politicians Have  Made Our Pious Parliament Pianissimo Parliament.This Politically Handicapped  Community Is On Rise And Contributing Towards Disablement Of Our Pious  PARLIAMENT.Before Approaching United Nations I Would Like To Take This Opportunity To Submit   A Humble Request To The Ruling Community That They Should Come Forward And Show Some Commitment For The Empowerment Of Politically Disabled Politicians So That All Policies Are Implemented Without Prejudice And Problems Like FDI+PRICERISE+JANLOKPAL+CORRUPTION Etc Are Discussed And Solved In Time. I Am RIGHT Or Am I Right???????????????????????????????????????