Friday, 2 December 2011

Show Commitment For The Empowerment Of Politically Disabled Politicians.

Full Pages Advertisements In News Papers Has Informed That Today Is INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES . This is observed  On The Directions Of [Financier] United Nations.So My Heartily  Best Wishes To All Persons With Disabilities And Salute To The Community Devoted For The Empowerment Of Such Disabled Persons. I Think That This Day Is Observed For The  Benefits Of Physical+Mental Handicapped Persons. Ministers Of Social Justice And Empowerment Along With P.M.+PRESIDENT+CHAIRPERSON OF RULING ALLIANCE +=Have Shown Their Faces In Print Media .
45  National Awards Have Also Been Announced To The Eleven Fields Of Employees+Employers+Research+Development+ Creators Of free Barriers Environment+ Rehabilitation+ Financiers + Developers+Workers For The Cause+Role Models+Accessible Website+Creative Adults And Children .  This Mammoth Rally Of Award Receivers Do Not Include The Names From Biggest States Like Uttar Pradesh AND Bihar Etc.This Shows That Either Ministers Of Social Justice And Empowerment Could Not Implement The Policy In These States Or Their Is No  Disability At All.This Negligence Shows That Our Politicians Are Politically Handicapped.  Politically Handicapped  Native Politicians Have  Made Our Pious Parliament Pianissimo Parliament.This Politically Handicapped  Community Is On Rise And Contributing Towards Disablement Of Our Pious  PARLIAMENT.Before Approaching United Nations I Would Like To Take This Opportunity To Submit   A Humble Request To The Ruling Community That They Should Come Forward And Show Some Commitment For The Empowerment Of Politically Disabled Politicians So That All Policies Are Implemented Without Prejudice And Problems Like FDI+PRICERISE+JANLOKPAL+CORRUPTION Etc Are Discussed And Solved In Time. I Am RIGHT Or Am I Right???????????????????????????????????????  

Friday, 25 November 2011

Martyrs Deserve Warm Salute And Heartiest Condolences. .

Today Is 26-11 Which Is A BLACK DAY in the History Of India And Mankind.. Sponsored Terrorists Attacked Mumbai Specially Historical Taj Hotel.This Was Erected To Give A REPLY To The Racial Policy Of ,Then ,Rulers.
 After Three Years Of This Inhuman Act Question Arises Whether We Have Learned A LESSON And Taken Preventive Measures  Answer Is [Sorry]Big   NO
  I Think Martyrs Deserve Warm Salute And Heartiest Condolences.   .
  In This Connection I Feel That Salute=Condolences Not  REPEAT   Not  In Words But  In Action .Visible= Effective =Preventive ACTION.I Am Right Or Am I Right???????????????????????????????

Rich+Humanitarian History May Not Be Misused Specially Against The National Integrity

 CONGRATULATIONS                       Virasate Khalsa                     Virasate Khalsa                  Virasate Khalsa 
Virasate Khalsa 
[ Costing To 360 karod ] In Anand Pur Saheb Has Been Dedicated To The Public By Akali  Lead Govt. .This Monument Includes The Remembrance Of Unforgettable Sacrifices Of Martial Sikh Race.So Congratulations.At The Movement A Special Vigil Human Device Is Also Mandatory.So In Future The Rich+Humanitarian History May Not Be Misused Specially Against The National Integrity.One Should Remember That Dasham Padshahee Guru Gobind Singh Ji Incarnated Incapable Victims Into A Martial race. just and For Just For The Humanity And Nation. So Current Martyrs At Borders May Also Be [If Not]Included Nanak Naam Chadadee Kalaan Tere Bhaane Sarbat Daa Bhalaa.I Am Right Or Am I RIGHT?????????????

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Irresponsibles COULD make Communal volcano burst and development Be Eclipsed|

I  Am Not A Civil Society +Preacher+Social Reformer+N G O| even then I  feel that  Today Media [specially electronics] should be cautious While Dealing With Complicated Social Issues .| Eve teasing +Kidnapping+Blackmailing+ Missing Of Youngsters  +++ Have Become A Big Social Problem Not Only For Parents But For Administration Also|News To This Effect Are Being Published Daily|.Legally Minors Are Also Victimized+Spotted |
       In Some Cases Communal harmony is also threatened |Public demanded local POLICE Acted. Unfortunately Some Policemen Over Reacted In The Past In [So Called]Gandhi Park And Yesterday In The [So-called] Ladies park .|Manchali Girls +Manchale Boys And Their Supporters Made All Hue And Cry|.Local News papers Highlighted And One  National Electronics Channel Starred   One Sided Story Of Few Girls| | Pressure was imposed on POLICE so they step back And Diverted THeir ALL attention towards their Favorite  Routines. 
      Authorized Police Version Has Been Avoided |Seating IN the park [No Doubt]is not a crime but during school hours yes parents must come forward and Show Some Vigilance and  provide proper guidance and protection To Their Wards|.It Is Also Expected From The Media That Apart From Crime Reports Some Sting May Also Be Planned So That Youngsters Could Be Put On Right Path We Should Not Forget That We Are Sitting On The Communal Volcano Since Long. Irresponsible Girls[Manchalee] Boys[manchale] COULD make this volcano burst and development Of The Area Would Be Eclipsed| 

Friday, 11 November 2011

Salaam To Maulana Abul Kalaam

Maulana Abul Kalaam Azad Was first education minister of independent India.He Devoted Himself To The Development Of Communal Harmony In Critical Conditions||Nation Is Paying Homage To This Pioneer of modern education|.He Put All Of His  Best To Provide Good+Useful Education But Unfortunately Even After Six Decades Of Independence There Is A Big Question mark??????????? On Our Education Policy+Standard +Utility.| Right To Education[  R.T.E] Is The   Dream Project Of Present Govt.|This Is Still Not Accepted In Many States Even After More Then A Year.|Governor  Is The Representative Of Central Govt In The State And Such  Representative Of Central Govt. In UTTAR PRADESH  Has Openly Accepted That Present Universities Are Not Upto The International Standard |Another Big Shot Of The Govt.Montek singh Ahluwalia hAS  Criticised Higher Education System+Standard|.News Of DRUNKEN Teachers +Misbehavior+++are Being Published In Leading Papers|.Private Colleges Are Allowed To Mint Money By  Distributing DEGREES oNLY.|Governing Commanders Are Demanding Fairness On Fee Structure Of Private Schools|  Schools Are Running Without Sufficient Teachers .Colleges Are Suffering Shortage Of Faculties.Unemployment DEMON Is Visible On The Roofs Of TRAINS+BUSES .So Education Field Needs Full +Special Attention .  Policies Should Be Implemented With Full Determination And Political Will I ThinkOnly That Would Be A True Homage To This Pioneer.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Funda Of Fund Management Of Civil Society

Famous VINOD DUA [ In ONE OF his own NDTV show ][Months Ago] Raised A question Regarding The Fund Management Of Anna hazare,s Civil Society Movement . Show guest Swami Agnivesh  Was then Part Of The Movement.He  Honestly DECLARED That India Against Corruption Has No Repeat NO Bank Account For This Cause. SWAMI jI  Justified The Transaction Through Another NGO. My favorite Vinod Ji   Was Hosting The Show. TVinod Jiii Then Accepted This Clarification.What Viagra Or Shilajeet Or Giddar Singhi Has Been Invented By Swami Ji Now Which Has Forced Swami Ji To Demand The Justification On This Issue .Is It Muni KAPIL oR Kapil Jiii Orrrrrrrrrr??????????????????????????????