Friday, 11 November 2011

Salaam To Maulana Abul Kalaam

Maulana Abul Kalaam Azad Was first education minister of independent India.He Devoted Himself To The Development Of Communal Harmony In Critical Conditions||Nation Is Paying Homage To This Pioneer of modern education|.He Put All Of His  Best To Provide Good+Useful Education But Unfortunately Even After Six Decades Of Independence There Is A Big Question mark??????????? On Our Education Policy+Standard +Utility.| Right To Education[  R.T.E] Is The   Dream Project Of Present Govt.|This Is Still Not Accepted In Many States Even After More Then A Year.|Governor  Is The Representative Of Central Govt In The State And Such  Representative Of Central Govt. In UTTAR PRADESH  Has Openly Accepted That Present Universities Are Not Upto The International Standard |Another Big Shot Of The Govt.Montek singh Ahluwalia hAS  Criticised Higher Education System+Standard|.News Of DRUNKEN Teachers +Misbehavior+++are Being Published In Leading Papers|.Private Colleges Are Allowed To Mint Money By  Distributing DEGREES oNLY.|Governing Commanders Are Demanding Fairness On Fee Structure Of Private Schools|  Schools Are Running Without Sufficient Teachers .Colleges Are Suffering Shortage Of Faculties.Unemployment DEMON Is Visible On The Roofs Of TRAINS+BUSES .So Education Field Needs Full +Special Attention .  Policies Should Be Implemented With Full Determination And Political Will I ThinkOnly That Would Be A True Homage To This Pioneer.

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