Friday, 25 November 2011

Martyrs Deserve Warm Salute And Heartiest Condolences. .

Today Is 26-11 Which Is A BLACK DAY in the History Of India And Mankind.. Sponsored Terrorists Attacked Mumbai Specially Historical Taj Hotel.This Was Erected To Give A REPLY To The Racial Policy Of ,Then ,Rulers.
 After Three Years Of This Inhuman Act Question Arises Whether We Have Learned A LESSON And Taken Preventive Measures  Answer Is [Sorry]Big   NO
  I Think Martyrs Deserve Warm Salute And Heartiest Condolences.   .
  In This Connection I Feel That Salute=Condolences Not  REPEAT   Not  In Words But  In Action .Visible= Effective =Preventive ACTION.I Am Right Or Am I Right???????????????????????????????


  1. true sir the martyrs surely deserve warm salute ..but what this government deserves..big question

  2. One Should Come Forward Openly And Give What Is DESERVING