Saturday, 12 November 2011

Irresponsibles COULD make Communal volcano burst and development Be Eclipsed|

I  Am Not A Civil Society +Preacher+Social Reformer+N G O| even then I  feel that  Today Media [specially electronics] should be cautious While Dealing With Complicated Social Issues .| Eve teasing +Kidnapping+Blackmailing+ Missing Of Youngsters  +++ Have Become A Big Social Problem Not Only For Parents But For Administration Also|News To This Effect Are Being Published Daily|.Legally Minors Are Also Victimized+Spotted |
       In Some Cases Communal harmony is also threatened |Public demanded local POLICE Acted. Unfortunately Some Policemen Over Reacted In The Past In [So Called]Gandhi Park And Yesterday In The [So-called] Ladies park .|Manchali Girls +Manchale Boys And Their Supporters Made All Hue And Cry|.Local News papers Highlighted And One  National Electronics Channel Starred   One Sided Story Of Few Girls| | Pressure was imposed on POLICE so they step back And Diverted THeir ALL attention towards their Favorite  Routines. 
      Authorized Police Version Has Been Avoided |Seating IN the park [No Doubt]is not a crime but during school hours yes parents must come forward and Show Some Vigilance and  provide proper guidance and protection To Their Wards|.It Is Also Expected From The Media That Apart From Crime Reports Some Sting May Also Be Planned So That Youngsters Could Be Put On Right Path We Should Not Forget That We Are Sitting On The Communal Volcano Since Long. Irresponsible Girls[Manchalee] Boys[manchale] COULD make this volcano burst and development Of The Area Would Be Eclipsed| 

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