Thursday, 28 June 2012

Political Vacuousness Has Provided A Boon To The Separatists In Kashmir

[a]Deserted Indian Heaven
[b]Dal Lake Without Tourists 
Fire In Ziyaarat Sharif In Kashmir Has Been Extinguished Long Ago 
But Fire Of Hatred Imposed By Separatists 
Is Still Burning The Development Of The Area.
This Has Converted Indian[Shrinagar ] Into A Deserted Heaven Once Again.
On The Fourth Day  Of This Sad Happening  Shutters Of Markets Were Kept Closed.
It Would Be Appropriate To Mention The Poor Condition Of Skilled And Unskilled Labour Class.I My Self Witnessed A Large Number Of Workers Specially In Hotel Business
 Majority Of Them Are From Jhadkhand+Bihar+UttarPradesh.They Need Daily Work . They  Are Cursed To Dig out Well Daily For Their Survival.
 Few Local Ladies+Old Men With Children Are Busy In The Business Of Begging Also. 
[c]]Heaven In India Out Of Srinagar 
The Stalwarts Of The State[1]Farooq Abdullah[EX Chief Minister &Now Minister In centre]Along With Ally Congress Is Busy In The Nomination Of President In Delhi[2]His Son Umar Abdullah The  Young And Promising Chief Minister Is Touring Abroad[3]Main Opposition Mufti Family Is Out Of The Scene .
This Political Vacuousness Has Provided A Boon To The Separatists .And They Are Spurting Hatred Against Security Forces In The State. 
This Is The Peak Season Of Business In The State

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