Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Striking Pilots Have Made A Record Now It Is Time For The Minister.

Air India Pilots Have Saluted High Court And Agreed To Call Off Their 58 Days Old+ Long Strike.
Strikers Have Successively Booked A  Record Of 2nd Longest Strike In The Field Of Civil Aviation 
No Doubt 400+ Pilots Will  Rejoin Their Duties And As Such This Dark Chapter Is Partially Repeat Partially Closed But The Minister Of Civil Aviation Ch Ajit Singh Has To Make His Shoulders More Stronger To Carry Many Challenges In Future.
   Striking Pilots Have Made A Record Now It Is Time  For The Minister.He Has To Take Quick 
Decisions  To Solve The Following Big  Ten  
[1]  Reinstate The Terminated 101 Pilots
[2]Recognize The Pilot Guild 
[3]Survive The Hard Competition In The  Market Of Civil Aviation 
[4] Convert The A I Into Profit Making Company
[5]Reinstate The Credibility Of The A I 
[6] Arrange Foreign Investment 
[7]Cut Down The Dispensable Expenses
[8]Remove The Communication Gape Between Administration And Workers
[9] Cure  The Unpleasant Bossism  
[10] Victimization Of Low Paid [ During Duty ] Ground Staff In The Name Of Parking Their Own Vehicles
      Companies Are Paying 800/= For Conveyance Whereas Parking Only Cost 800/=  

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