Friday, 13 April 2012

Extemporaneous Crime Extinguishers Are Mandatory At The Levels

As Already Predicted Crime Is On High In Meerut. Recently Cold Blooded Murder Has Been Committed.Although Variety Of Crimes Are Being Committed But This Has Its Own Eye Opening Significance. Three Bike Riders Killed An Innocent Person In Open Crowded Market Just Near To Victim,s Office . As Usual Police Is Struggling even After Numbers Of Days.Yesterday One Has Acclaimed It Settlement Of Old Score.
It May Have Any Hidden Motive But It Smells  Some Motive To[1] Establish Or Recapture The Market Of Extortion . For This Creation Of Terror In The Society May Be  Helpful [2]Reopening Of Previously Camouflaged Cable [network]War.[3] Old Revenge[4]Settlement Of Old Score.
  It Is WelKnown Fact That In The Previous Govt.Galaxy[Cable Operator]Has Achieved New Heights.So It ,Perhaps, Would Have Provided Some Edge Over Rivals.Now Political Table Is Turned Against Them.This Has Resulted Murder Of One Of Their Very Humble+Gentle Employee Pavitr Sharma In The Crowded Market.
   It Would Be Appropriated To  'Predict That This Incident May O'pen Old Dark Chapter Of Cable Rivalry.
   In This Connection It Would Not Be Inappropriate To Say That This Beginning Has Been Opposed By Civilians but Cooperation From Other Corners Is Still Awaited.  
Whatsoever Reason May Be But It Is True  That This Heinous Crime Has Given Wide Ex poser To The CRIME Market. So  Before These  Embryos Create Embarrassment ,   Extemporaneous Extinguishers Are Mandatory At The Levels Of Politics+ Business + Society + Governance

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