Thursday, 19 April 2012

Right To Education;Miles To Go

In Our Country[ Specially] Various  Steps Were Taken To Unite Natives And Many Experiments Were  Done  And Natives  Were Brought  Under Many Umbrellas of cast+religion+ Community Etc.But Unfortunately These Days These All Efforts Are Being Divided   In to  Class Barriers. Nobel Is Enjoying All Facilities Whereas Others Are Just To Pay .Such Deprived Class [Irrespective Of Religion+Cast+Community] Is Barred FROM Even  So Called Good Education .
    Govt Schools Are[Day Bi Day] Becoming Unwanted Among All Classes.There Are Many Reasons Which Requires Immediate Attention .
It Is Said That Better  Late Then Never.Now Human And Resources &Development Minister Kabil SIBAL Has Shown His Keenness By  Advocating Right To Education [RTE] Minister Has Rightly Predicted  This RTE A Model For The World.
   Yes RTE Can Be A Role Model For The World Provided REPEAT Provided It Is Implemented In Its True Spirit And Within Time Framework
  .I May 'Please  Be Allowed To Submit That  Hunooz Delhi Doorast . Sacking Of  Double  Digit Teaching  Staff In Bihar Has Again Underlined  The Improvement In The Field Of Education .  Apart From The 'Periodical Trainig Of Teaching Staff  Many  Fields Need Research Few Are As Under
[1]Schools Must Be Restricted  And  Home Work  Should Not Be Imposed.Because P'arents Of  Poor Students [25%May Not  Be  Capable To Provide Required Facilities[2]. Monetary Punishment For Any Reason Must Be Banned[3]Transport Facility MUST bE Censored [4]  Regular Monitoring At All Levels Should Be Made Mandatory .

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