Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Scotch Whiskey Johnnie Walker Is Closed


[2]My Humble Condolences 

Today I Read  a News About Closures of World Famous And My Favorite  Company Of Scotch Whiskey Johnnie Walker.
No Doubt It Is A Shocking One.So I Submit My Humble Condolences.In My Life There Are Two Main Johnnies .One Is From Film Industry[Now Late][Badruddin] Used To Make Me Laugh With His Comedies  Whereas This Walker Made Me To Smile Even In The Bad Days.Noe Both Are Gone.
   Alexander & ;Elizabeth When Gave Birth To John Walker, In 1805 ,Would Have Never Thought That Just After The Death Of  Alexander   This John Will  Produce His Own Whiskey Just In The Age Of 14[Thank God That Time Child Labour Law  Was Not Introduced]]  And Through Which He Will Magnetize And  Rule The World .
Name Of The Product Is JOHNNIE WALKER With Many Colours .Like Red+Green+Black+Blue And Gold...
     After  Registration In  1877  It Started Winning International Awards.Few Of Them Are [1]1879[2]1934 International Connection And In 1966 Queens Award.
     This Product Has A Cartoon Of Striding Man[Since 1908] On Bottles And Packing. This Cartoon Of Tom Browne Is Still Popular As Well As The Product.
  So Good Bye All Walkers And Browne.
  I Would Like To Take This Opportunity To  Inform Indian Counterpart Vijay Malya To Be More Cautious To Keep His Product Alive


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