Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Parliamentarians Are Inalterable About Giving 10=05=1857 National Importance

I   SALUTE To The Martyrs Of First War Of Independence In India 
To Day India Specially Meerut  District Is Paying Tributes To The Martyrdom Of First War Of Independence In 1857.
    As Per Historians This War Was  Torched From Temple Of Baba Oghad Nath In  Meerut Cantonment  & Was Translated As Mutiny .
   This Revolution Threatened [Then ]Colonial Mentality As A RESULT oF Which  Even Holy Churches Were Converted Into Garrisons churches. 
    The Ashes Of   First  [Lost ] War   Kept The Burner On Sim Flame Till 1947 . Heat Of Which Resulted Full Freedom In 1947. It Is Well Known That Baba Oghadnaath[Shivshanker]Temple Has Many Important +Interesting Chapters In The Indian [ Ancient To Modern]History But This Revolution Gave  New Heights To The Historical Temple.
This Temple Has Become Now A Holy Shrine So Martyrs Memorial Is Erected In The Temple Complex.
     It Is Also True That  This Movement Gave New Meanings To The Then Factionalism .It United All Indian Factions And This Small Even Defeated Unity  Was Fragmented Into A  Successful Tasty  Freedom Fight.
After 90 Years  Natives Unfurled National Tricolor Flag.
    Now After 67 years Of Freedom Meerut City Celebrates This Day With Full Enthusiasm.District Magistrate Announce  State Holiday  In The City.Non Governmental groups Organize Rally+Kavi sammelans+  seminaars. etc 
   Unfortunately This Historic Movement Is Not Allotted A  Proper Respected Place In The National Map Of Honors. These Days Parliament Session Is In Progress.One house Of National Parliament  Has Lodged A Complaint Of Mosquitoes And Apart From This Parliament  Is Suspended For 15 Minutes   For Bad Smell ..
It Shows That Our Parliamentarians Are Active But Why They Are so In alterable About Giving  National Importance To 10=05=1857  


  1. One Of My Facebook Friend Has Reminded Me About Mangal Pandey.Here I would like to clarify That Historians Has Controversial Findings About This Martyr

  2. on 11-05-2012 Our Parliamentarians Have Shown Their Unalterable Views By Adjourning The Houses On The Issue Of 63 Years Old Cartoon On Baba Sahab Bheem rao Ambedkar

  3. Today House Of Suhaas palshikhar [One Of The Advisers Of NCERT] Situated In The Campus Of University [pune]Has Been Attacked By So called Pro Ambedkar Whereas He Has Already Resigned From The Post.What 60 Years Senior Parliament Has To Say????