Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Associations Have Been Weakened So Organised Corruption Is On High. And Beyond Control 1st May .

First May[ Bole To ] Is Workers Day. It Is To Honor Workers So Our Parliament Is Closed Today.It Is Good To See The Sentiments Of Our Parliamentarians.In Addition To This Various Govt. Departments Have Got Published Costly Advertisements In  The Media .It Is Pleasant  To See That Our Parliament and Govt. Both  Have Full Respect For Laborers .But If Following Facts Are Noticed Then A Different Picture Comes Out So
I Am Bound  To Repeat The Old Saying That  Politics Has Many Faces
[1]Every Month The Strength Of Permanent Employees  Is Reducing Even In The Important Deppts Also
[2]Expenditure On Salaries For Permanents[Class 2 to 4] Staff Is reducing 
[3]During The Discussion In Parliament [ On Apptt Of Health Assistant Asha ]Union Health Minister  Shri Ghulam Nabi Azaad Opposes The Recruitment  Of permanent Govt. Employees And Prefers The Workers On Daily Wages.
[4]Another Parliamentarian Sh.Jagdambika Pal[One Timed Sultan Of Uttar Pradesh]Has Advocated Employment Of Dependents Of 20 Victims of a  Road Accident Of His Political  Constituency .
  Yes It Sounds Good  To Hear That Wards Must Be Provided Jobs But If Record Of Central Govt  Shows That Recruitment Of Wards Have Been Restricted To 5% Of The Total Vacancies.As Such A Large Number Of  Needy Wards Are Debarred From This Privilege ..
  If Central Govt Has Restricted Recruitment Of Ward Then Demand From State For The Same Cause Is Not Digestible.
   Staff Strength Is Reduced But Ironically Number Of Offices And  Infrastructural Expenditure  Is On Increase
 It Shows That Saving From Salaries Is Matching The Infrastructural Expenditure  
  Shri  Ghulam Nabi Azaad Has Shown Anger Against Organised Labor By  Rejecting The Demand For Permanency Of Health Assistant ASHA.He Might Be Having His Own Reservations But It Is Also True That In This Way Associations Have Been Weakened So Organised Corruption  Is On High. And Beyond Control If I May Say So.

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