Friday, 18 May 2012

Oh God I Owe 33000/=Debt

 Oh My God I  Owe 33000/=Debt
I Am Retired Now So Who Will Save Me Please
    Indian Govt. Has Announced  23% National Debt.In March 2012.So Opposition And Media  Has Started  Growling  
To Meet With Grouched Govt Has Announced 10%Austerity. To Start With Gluttons Of Air Travelers Are Underlined.
 In The Past Gustation  Of Saving And Matching  Has Been Favorite.
It Is Seen In The Past That Such Debts Are Cured By Various Austerities.One Of The Most Favorable  Has Been Deduction In Staff Strength.But This Practice Has Created  Demons Of Unemployment+Corruption
So Please Please Please It Should Not Include Deduction Of Staff But By Deduction In Actual Contingencies

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