Saturday, 26 May 2012

Now Arvind Kezriwal v/s Kiran Bedi Via Indian Express

New Diversification Has Been Drawn.This Time Indian Express Has Targeted Arvind Kezriwal[Anaa Hazare Team]Through Kiran Bedi.It  Is  A Shocking One But Immediately Arvind And Kiran Both Has Defused This  Device By Saying That Such Allegation Are Not Existing  Not Even In The Air.
In Addition Kezriwal Has Opened  The New Front Against Indian Express 
By Declaring That He Will Take This Derogatory And Misleading News To The Court Of Law. Even though Kiran Bedi In Front Of Camera Has Certified The Innocence Of Kezriwal But On The Other Hands She Also Stated That Team Members Wright Many Letters To Each Others  But Interpretation Should Be Justified.This Has Been Carried By  a News Channel Also
Apart From This Can We Expect That This Line Would Successively Under Line The Burning Line Of Petrol Line 

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