Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Time Has Come To Say Goodbye To This Highly Flammable Petro Dollar

Petroleum Companies Have Been Consented To Raise The Petrol Prices Upto 10%  Per Ltr.
This Sharp Fuel Hike Has Exploded The Demand Of Rollback. Ruling Alliances , No Doubt ,Are Silent But  Allies Who Enjoyed Dinner Of Celebration Of Third Anniversary Of UPA Are Now Showing Tears.
This Fuel Hike Has Been Imposed Just After The  Adjournment Of Parliament.
Celebration Of Third Anniversary Of Rule Has Also Been Enjoyed Without Any Hallaa Gullaa Untoward Political   Explosion.  Govt. Says  Due To The Turmoil In International Market Govt. has Nothing To Do In This Case .As Per This  Version No Other Choice Is Left 2 Petroleum Companies But Timing Of This Hike Puts  A Big Question Mark On This  Innocence .The Cost Of One Ltr Includes 41%Taxes Which Goes To The Treasuries Of Centre And States.Ironically None Of Them Is Advancing Towards Reduction In Their Income.So Price rise Is A Profitable Game For Governments.Goa And Uttrakhand Have Shown Exceptions But Are Very Small States.  
Opposition Parties Will  Do All Hullah Gullah And Game Of Blaming Each Other Will Start On Roads And Media.
 Petroleum Companies Are Saying That Still They Are Cursed With Deficits So They Are Not In A Mood To Rollback
   Time Has Come To Say Goodbye To This Highly  Flammable  Petro Dollar So Do Not Please Do Not Allow Ruling Class To Gamble With The Patience And Observe Austerity
 Austerity In This Field Will  Not Only Bring Down The Flying American Dollar But Will Put Indian Rupee Back Into The International Race.
It May Also  Strengthen The Willpower To Come Out  From The Clutches Of Oil Diplomats.
It May Certainly  Impose Pressure On Politicians And Petro Companies also For Austerity In Their Own Houses Also
.I Remember That After World War Western Countries Faced Sugar Crises So In  Few Countries Sugar Was Said Goodbye
 Now Those Countries Are Developed Countries.
Instead Of Looking At  National Charmers  For Any Miracle
Say Good Bye To Flammables Be Sure This Is The Right Time For Right Choice
Or One Can Say NOW OR NEVER 

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