Thursday, 3 May 2012

This Dilatoriness Has Derogated The Human Rights And Pact Of Partition

 Religious Victimization Against Hindus In Pakistan Has Not Been Discontinued Not Even After 6 Decades Of Independence So Migration  Of Victims To India Is Still Continued.
Is It Not Violation Of Human Rights And  India,s Partition Clause
   Hindu Girls Specially Sindhi Girls Are Abducted And Forcibly Converted. This Has Recently Kicked Nearabout 400 Victimized families . 
My Elders Were Also Forced To Migrate In 1947 So I Can Understand Their Sorrow&Pain Better Then Any Politician But Leader Of Opposition In Parliament Has Raised This Issue 
As Usual [ Unfortunately] Indian Govt. Is Still In The Same  Dilatory Dilemma So Relations Are Getting Colder Day By Day 
   This Dilatoriness Has  Derogated  The Human Rights And Pact Of Partition 
  Yes It Is Also True ,That With What Soever Aim , BJP Has Raised This Issue And Tried To Politicized The Issue.
It May Not Be Able To Open The Eyes Of National Leadership But Can Successively Bring Back The Political Support Of Migrated  Lakhs Of Hindus  

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