Thursday, 3 May 2012

Brand Ambassador Is a Price For National Award?

34 years old Balan is blessed  with many  filmi qualities but one of them is vidhya[knowledge]of garbing national film awards and projects.So she has won best actress award in the 59th National  film awards.In addition to this she has been selected brand ambassador  also for sanitation programme ..of central govt. She has proved that story of two in bush is past now so she has two in hands.[One] Ministry of I&B[Two]Rural development
     The Dirty picture of this awarded entertainer may have not been aired on national   electronics channels  but she has successively entertained[AMBICA SONI] &JAIRAM RAMESH] Ministers OF ABOVE Ministries.
     Her senior  entertainer Sachin Tendulkar& Rekha  are still waiting to take oath in Rajya Sabhaa [Elders house in Parliament]. Interestingly Sachin And Rekha Both Are Facing  huge Opposition  from all corners of society but Vidhya Balan is being appreciated all round.There is much huge and cry over inclusion of Sachin in Congress Party But Vidhya Balan has been injected through backdoor that is Brand Ambassador For A International Cause.
  Now The question arises that Contract Of Brand Ambassador For two years Is  a Price For National Award For A Actress Of A Film Which has  been denied permission for national telecast.I Am Right Or AM I right???

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