Friday, 18 May 2012

Grievances Can Be Grounded If Pakistan Is No Pakistan

In Pakistan Atrocities On Minorities Are Increasing Daily.Human Rights Of 'Pakistan has disclosed that 25-30 Girls Of Hindu+sikh+Christians Every Month Are Forcibly Converted In To The National Religion .Hindus +Shias+Ahmedis+Sikhs+Seheduled Caste Are Still Paying The Cost For Being What They Want To Be.
Indian Parliament Showed Concern AND Foreign Minister S M Krishna Said In The House That Even though We Have Binding Of 1972 Shimla Agreement And Can Not Interfere In The Internal Matter But This Is A Case Of Violations Of Human Rights&Constitutional Obligations.   He Will Visit Pakistan In The Coming Month And Certainly Will Discuss The Issue With His Counterpart Their.Avinash  khanna +Balbir Punj +Tarun Vijay And Prominent Writer+Poet Javed Akhtar Along With Many Members Exp'ressed Their  Resentments  Emotions And Charged Pakistan For Neglecting Constitutional Obligations And Touched The Blood Pressure Of F M. Javed Akhtar Expressed That Now We Do Not Need Strong Neighbor  Grievances Can Be Grounded If Pakistan Is No Pakistan

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