Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Say No To Tobacco From The Heart For The Heart

Today We Are Observing  NO  Tobacco day.Killing  effects Of Tobacco Are Discussed In Debates  &  Advertisements Are Published In Newspapers.
 It Is Well said That After Every 8 Seconds One Tobacco User Dies .So Such A Life taking Drug Should Be Banned  In The Society.
   Unfortunately Tobacco Has An  Religious Importance In Our Religion And Medicines.So It Is In Our System Even Our Society Movers Are Exception To It.
   I MAY Please Be Allowed To Submit Here That Various Ministries+Offices+Organisations Are Publishing Costly Advertisements And Spreading Awareness.Few Ministries Have Issued Strict Guidelines Also But Actual Picture Says That   Mile stones Are  Still UnTouched ..I Have Been Writing Articles On This Subject Since Decades But First Of All I My Self[Being A Chain Smoker] Said No To Cigarette
    Unfortunately Even In These Days  Sections Of Media Specially Regional Media
Has Not Come Out From The Clutches Of Pouch+Gutkaas Etc.Still I Can See Traffic Controllers Guiding The Youth By Smoking Or Chewing  Tobacco At The Chowrahas Even Celebrities Like Shahrukhkhan Preferred Smoking In The Open  Sports Stadium . Once Shahrukh Khan Was Noticed Smoking In The Interview Of A News Channel Also.
It Is India,s Last Tea Shops And  Tobacco Pouches Are  Decorated Proudly
Photo Was Taken In  MANA  In 9th Decade Of Last Century.
  It Has Also Been Said That Charity Begins At Homes So Personal Liaisons+Inspections+Motivations At Root Level Is Mandatory.No Doubt Awareness Through Advertisements Is Useful But Work On Actual Ground Is Always Result Oriented      

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