Tuesday, 15 May 2012

India And UK Has Many CommonProblemsBut They Deal With Them Differently.

India And United Kingdom Has Many  Common  Political Problems + Social Habits But They Both Deal With Them Differently. One Of Such Burning Problem Is Unauthorized Construction  + Encroachment By Immigrates.
This Is No Doubt  Creating Social Threats Like [1] Slum Like Conditions Even In The Surroundings Of Many Posh Localities.[2]Crime Etc.
    Britain Is Still Enjoying The Membership Of Developed Greats So Housing  Minister Has Allocated 1.8 Million/=To Crackdown This Problem Called Beds In Sheds.
  Indian Landlords Settled There Are Underlined As The Land  Law Brokers.To Deal with a Task Force Including Border Agency  Has Been Formed .This Problem Is Being Dealt With  National Hazards Of Illegal  Immigrants+ Tax Theft + Lawlessness+Population+Unemployment etc.
   If We Look Our Own India Than We Find That From Assam To Delhi Via Meerut Large Number Of Illegal Colonies Are Scattered. Refugees+Illegal Immigrants[Bangladesh+Burma+Pakistan+NepalEtc]+Criminals Are Provided Shelters .These Are Creating Problems Of Water+Drainage+Health+Food+ Transport Etc.Apart From This These Are Threats To The Law Of The Land.
   Local Councillor + Legislative + Law Enforcing Agencies Are Well Aware Of This Hazard But Instead Of  Enforcing The Law Of The Land They Are Trying To Take Their Booty & Look Away .In Fact These Are The Children Of Lesser God And Local Representatives Provide Them Small Help In Turn They Convert Them In To A STRONG VOTE BANK.
 Our Parliament Is In 'Progress And Celebrated  Its 60 Golden Years But This Problem Is Not Highlighted Or Funds Are Allotted For Any Operational Cure
   If I Say That Britain Is Trying To Operate The Curse By Well  Treatment  Plan And In India We Are Trying To En cash For Our Own Benefits We Are Keeping The Problem Alive 

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