Monday, 20 February 2012

Amendment S iN The Tax Map Would Definitely Make Exchequer Fat+ Fatty ++ + Fattier.

Income Tax Department Has Decided To Impose Tax On Cricket control board[ BCC I]
Inaugural Recovery Would Be More Then 400 Crore Of Rupees.BCCI iS the Richest Board And Blessed With All Kinds Of Privileges  Available In The Country.Opening Of THIS New Zone In The Map Of Tax Recovery May  Raise  Income  Of The Treasury And May  Encourage These Managers To Reduce The Tax Graph .This Act May Provide Some Relief To The Pensioners Like Me.
       In Addition To This BCCI There Are Many Religious Centers Within The Geographical Boundaries Of The Country. Apart From This We Have A Large Number Of Political Beneficiaries  And So Called Agriculture & NGOs Who Are Not Only Immune To Tax Deductions  But Have Foreign  Bank Connections.Inclusion Of These Agencies In The Tax  Map  Would Definitely Make Exchequer  Fat+ Fatty ++ + Fattier.

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