Monday, 15 June 2009

new army for traffic jams

Vanar Sena for Ravana/Jams? Traffic is hazardous atleast meerut jantawould accept this jhalla truth without shy .Hukumaran and jansevaks are not able to see Jams , long lines of vehicles .There is bhagam bhag on every street choraha,loud drums are madly beating on chorahas .Begumpull,garhroad and ghantaghar etc. are underlined.Morning,afternoon and evenings witness Jhagras,accidental deaths,ironically khaddar clads ,suffering ear,eyes and nose problems these poor clads can not see jams ,hear cries and smell pollution.Netas come critise their counterpart and then proceeds to new constitution officers simply goes.Dussehra festival has been celebrated all round .Lord Ram burned effigies of Ravana all over the country efficiently today.Effeminate paper Ravana has been sent to Ram dham effectively. Unfortunetly eidolon of Ravana is efflorescent in the shape of traffic Jams all round, I think that Lord Ram excogitated Vaanar sena against Ravana and because these days elders call their childerns Vaanars(with love,"of course") at school level Vaanar Sena can be trained to manage the Traffic jams . One period can be ejaculated for the course.I believe that ,with the help of parents, this experiment will reduse the elegiac elegy of Jams.If it happens then it will be an Exvoto of this Dussehra.

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