Tuesday, 1 December 2009

universities for specialised subjects

Today parliament has passed Central Universities bill [amendment] with voice vote . opposition parties [even]have voted in favour
kabil sibal more then half hour advocated this bill and touched viewers emotionally.Most members [as usual]absented+ not participated in this[ nation building ]debate. IT IS NOT ,REPEAT, NOT A GOOD SIGN FOR OUR DEMOCRACY some suggestions [worries]are .....[1]85000crores are provisioned [as per kabil sibal] for higher education .will it be expanded in a stipulated period?[2]we have very poor research scholastic rate[165n.a] can universities be year marked for selected subjects ?water+pollution+sanitation+traffic+drought+flood+corruption+parliament etc are many problems +necessity
[3] can political parties issue WHIP for 100%presence in the parliament.
It is said that due to the present parliament system all [tail endears] listed questions remains unaroused,it is due to which, tail endear querist[habitually]absent them self .
jhallevichaaraanusaar in a parliamentary democracy[ like ours] parliamentarians should not repeat not restrict themselves to their question only.they are representing nation and participating in the national house.
central universities for specific +specialised subjects+topics
universities for specialised subjects

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