Friday, 25 December 2009


+Manmohan singh in INDIA& OBAMA in U.S.A.are like[GOOD] SANTAS .ON THIS JOYOUS festival Indian brains working in U.S.A.[working visa]Expects some gifts[from both] in the form of relaxation in the TAX FOR PENSION .ONE WOULD REALISE THAT OUR BOYS GO THERE FOR A SHORT PERIOD AND RETURNS BACK TO NATIVES BUT CAN NOT ENJOY PENSION BENEFITS FOR WHICH THEY CONTRIBUTE IN U.S.A.
technocrats [specially]are[by their m.n.c. employers] posted in U.S.A.for the development etc.of various I.T.projects.during their stay they[boys]contribute various taxes to the U.S.A.govt.[40%n.a.]out of which they enjoy benefits of well developed &maintained roads+hospitals etc. this tax includes pensionery scheme also. it is well known fact that pension contributors can get pension benefits after their retirement only. before their retirement most of contributors [indians]returns to home land .as a result of which u.s.a. govt neither transfer pension liability to INDIAN GOVT nor pay lump sum to the contributors. JHALLEVICHARANUSAAR dr manmohan singh &OBAMA B. SHOULD COME CLOSURE AND ACT LIKE GOOD SANTAs AND OFFER SOME GIFTS TO INDIAN BRAINS .it would certainly strengthen relationship.

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